Thursday, 12 September 2013

Corruption:Ex EFCC Chair,Farida Waziri Threatens To Expose Obasanjo

A  former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mrs. Farida Waziri, on Wednesday described as “blatant falsehood,” the claim by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo that she was recommended for the EFCC job by convicted former Delta State Governor, James Ibori.
Expressing surprise that a man who has been twice a Nigerian  leader would “descend so low to peddle falsehood,” Waziri warned Obasanjo to respect his age or else she would  “open up on him.”
“I will like to warn that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones and as such Obasanjo should not allow me open up on him. Respectable elder statesmen act and speak with decorum”, she said in a statement personally signed by her.
Ex-Vice-President Atiku Abubakar said  the claim by the former President that he was persona non grata in the United States,  was not true.
Obasanjo had in an interview he granted Zero Tolerance, a magazine published by the EFCC, also said that the war against corruption in the country slowed down  during Waziri’s tenure because she was not qualified for the job.
He had said,  “Go and look at her track record. Go and look at the condition or the qualification; go and look at the type of interaction that anybody holding that job will have with a similar organisation elsewhere; did Waziri have that type? What connection did she have with FBI? What relationship did she have with Metropolitan Police in London? It’s not a picnic.”
But Waziri, in the statement which showed her level of anger, said she  doubted  if Obasanjo  could  boast her level of education.
The  EFCC former chairman  then went ahead to reel out her educational qualification and her relationship with international security agencies while  serving in the Nigeria Police Force for 35 years.
She said, “Again for the record, I served in the NPF for 35 years and got to the pinnacle of my career before my appointment as   the EFCC chairman. If Obasanjo’s real age has not blurred his memory, I will like to remind him that I was a Commissioner of Police, Admin Force CID, CP, General Investigations, CP, Anti-fraud, CP , X squad, CP, and  Police Special Fraud Unit where I secured the first conviction in a case of Advance Fee Fraud in Nigerian history.
“These are all prime investigative organs of the Nigeria Police where I related with other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI across the world. I must place on record that at the SFU, I did not only relate with the  FBI, Interpol and the Metpolice, among others , we carried out joint operations at different times on a number of cases. I have also led the Nigerian delegation to the Interpol headquarters in France.
“To further expose the height of mischief in the allegations, the past and present chairmen of the EFCC have both worked under me; yet someone can open his mouth to say I am not qualified to head the same agency. This is in addition to my educational qualifications such as a first degree in Law, a Master’s degree in Law and another Master’s degree in Strategic Studies. I doubt if Obasanjo himself can boast  this level of educational qualifications.
“I will also like to remind Obasanjo that no chairman of the EFCC has till date beaten my records in terms of investigation of high profile cases, prosecution, conviction and recovery.”
She  told  Obasanjo that the Act establishing the EFCC   stipulates  that the chairman shall ‘be a serving or retired member of any government security or law enforcement agency not below the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police or equivalent; and possess not less than 15 years cognate experience’.
 Waziri said while she holds the office of a Head of State in the highest esteem, it was necessary to put on the record for the umpteenth time, that the claim that Ibori recommended her for the EFCC job  “ is a totally unfounded, blatant lie.”
The ex-anti graft Czar added, “The truth is that I never met Ibori in my life until after months in office as chairman of the EFCC when I used to see him in the Presidential Villa.
It is on record today that I initiated the investigation that drove Ibori into the waiting hands of  the Interpol and  the Metpolice.
“As such, it is illogical and nonsensical for anyone to continue to insinuate that Ibori had a hand in my appointment. I remember this was one of the lies Obasanjo’s sit-tight pawns cooked to stop my appointment as  the EFCC chairman in 2008.”
According to her, the late President Umaru  Yar’Adua did not have to alter the   Act “when he was appointing me unlike what Obasanjo did.”

She told the  former President that ability to be used to victimise political enemies in the rabid pursuit of his  third term agenda “has never been part of the qualifications for appointment as chairman of  the anti-graft agency.”

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  1. Madam!u ve just told us dat truely u re not qualify by saying u wil open up,is dis d right time to open up?why dint u open up while in office, even though we Nigerians ve respect for u in d past now u ve failed us bcos it could ve bin better to remain silence.

  2. Obasanjo is just an HND holder and even in the army during 1976 coup hide himself, pls Madam you don't have to tell us who obasanjo is we he is a caword

  3. Is it possible to open up while in office even if there is anything to say. This is nigeria for u. Even all what Obasanjo is saying here n there now, have u ever hear it b4? U too will do d same if u hold any post here in nigreia.

  4. It's better 2 reveal it in ds world than 2 die wt it... Madam more grease 2 ur Elbow, obasanjo is one of nigeria Enemy so he deserved 2 be exposed I hate dt man 2 stupor , some ppl would say obasanjo didn't forgive or 4get things that he always revenged, dt is d reason God would not 4give him , God would expose him more and more b4 he'll leave ds earth.

  5. They ar all the same both waziri & OBJ,sory 4Nigeria

  6. Clash of the titans...

  7. what is the difference between she nd OBJ? They re both curupt,

  8. Madam waziri you are good n no bad eggg can soil your hands!pls if this farmer or land speculator vex u more just expose him for the earth to see we know things about the old Obj and God is waiting for him to tell Nigerians how much he recovered from late abacha n his family.where did obj keep police pension money?he frustrated Ribadu out of office as he failed to use him fully against his known enemies.he lied agsainst baba Atiku n that we ve just found out so don't allow him to cow you bcos we know who waziri in Intelligency indulstry,he can't tell us who you are.cp in many offices haba.Go ahead and open that evil file of OBJ.has he finally settle with his first Son?I can remember again! Monkey go hang himself

  9. In the village of hunters when no animals to hunt hunters would be hunting hunters then their secrets will expose themselves.why is corruption rocking our country in the first place ? It is just bcs there is tribalism and religious Affiliation if any body talk against obj his people would fight before him; tAlk against ibori u are in danger list does it mean that our court can not handle ibori case , Nigerians were with him .waziri did not expose obj bcs he is stronger than her and EFCC is not strong enough to handle some high profile cases bcs it's not independent so no body should blem her rather we blem ourselves 4 protecting our tribs and our religions against our country

  10. Why is kettle calling pot black?