Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Boko Haram Kills 40 Soldiers In Borno

No fewer than 40 soldiers of the Nigerian Army were feared killed in a Boko Haram ambush  in the north of Borno State.
A highly placed military source told our correspondent on  Tuesday that about  65  others were missing as a result of the attack by the Islamic militants.
Investigations revealed that  the insurgents attacked the soldiers   in Kasiya Forests, north of Borno State.
It was learnt that the troops were left to face the heavily armed insurgents, who attacked them from different directions following the failure of the planners of the operation to give aerial support to the soldiers.
It was also gathered that soldiers involved in the ongoing  campaign against the Boko Haram insurgents were firing indiscriminately into the air to protest against the killings which they described as strategic errors.
The soldiers were said to have demanded why the initial arrangement of aerial support was not provided to back the soldiers.
The source added that the casualty figure on the side of the Nigerian soldiers in the ongoing campaign against the insurgents had been on the high side as a result of repeated mistakes and communication inadequacies.
But the authorities of the Nigerian Army denied the report that it lost 40 soldiers with 65 others missing  in a Boko Haram onslaught.
The Director of Army Public Relations, Brig. General Ibrahim Attahiru, said in an interview with our correspondent on Tuesday that soldiers of the 81 Battalion under the new created Division ‘7’ of the Nigerian Army carried out a raid on a Boko Haram hideout in Kasiya Forests of  Ngazai Local Government Area of Borno State which resulted in a prolonged gun duel with the insurgents.
The Army spokesman said the invading troops of the Nigerian Army killed 150 of the insurgents and lost 15 men in the encounter, adding that nine other soldiers were still missing.
According to him, a wanted Boko Haram commander, Abba Goroma, was among those killed in the battle at the Kasiya Forest.
He said that the insurgents were well armed with anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons mounted on their vehicles.
He said, “On the 12th of September 2013, troops of 81 Battalion under ‘7’ Division of the Nigerian Army carried out a deliberate attack on an insurgent camp at Kasiya Forest.
“During the attack, a fierce battle ensued between our soldiers and the insurgents which lasted several hours.
“The insurgents were completely routed and the camp cleared. Over 150 insurgents died. On our own side, we lost one officer, a lieutenant and 15 soldiers, and nine other soldiers are still missing.
“The insurgent camp was well fortified with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons mounted on vehicles.
“One Abba Goroma, one top insurgent commander was killed, he was a high valued target, he had a bounty of N10m on his head.”
Similarly, the Director of Defence Information, Brig.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, said the operation at the Kasiya forest was carried out by ground forces with aerial support.
He confirmed that the camp had a high concentration of armed insurgents who were shooting wildly as the Nigerian troops turned the heat on them.
He said that even though, investigation into the operation had commenced, it had nothing to do with any operational shortcoming.
On the issue of the protest and anger exhibited by soldiers in Borno State over  the killing of soldiers by the insurgents, he said that such a thing could not have happened considering the high level of discipline exhibited by the soldiers since the commencement of the operation

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  1. What a pity, evryday pple die bcos of boko haram, y not divide dis country nd allow dem to achiev dere aim in d noth? Gej pls divid dis different countries forced 2geder to be called nigeria

    1. What then would be the fate of those to be left under the governance of this "insurgent" group called "Boko Haram"?
      I pray our military whose primary assigment is to protect the unity and entity called Nigeria would ever be blessed and strengthened in all their pains and sacrifices.

  2. This is sad. God, pls guide our Soldiers and our Nation.

  3. Whose report shall we believe???

  4. Syncronize the two. A lot of Boko goats were killed and a few NA were killed. Their protest is supported. If the top boys cannot give good strategies involving aeriel supports, you certainly kill morales and confidence is lost...its like a suicide place me in the forest with a mere arrow without a bow a beg check am na. God rest their souls while we depend on their strenght to help the nation.

    To Our Fallen Heroes

    Ye Gallant Soldiers of our country

    Gone in the heat of battle

    Your souls are heroes and free

    Be ye rewarded with great mantles

    Your valor will never be buried

    Your sacrifice will 4ever inspire

    As we battle evil from it to be freed.

    Evil shall taste the wrath of hellfire

    Rest in Peace our dear soldiers.

  5. PhilGrant... chigraahi@yahoo.com18/9/13 7:13 am

    I don't think our Nigerian army told the truth. The level of corruption in this country is so high that the military will not admit they have such a huge loss. Even if the country is divided, there could still be conflict internally, a leader must not bow easily to pressure but quell every pressure. Âll we need is a leader with the right vision and tactics. That's wHat Jonathan needs. Our military are illequiped, most of our soldiers are illiterates fighting against illiterate boko haram. What do we expect? To win a fool, you have to be wiser than the fool. But it seems Nigeria is not doing her home work with diligence. All the leaders both in the military care about favour, money and fame. Goodluck Nigeria, loNg live federal republic of Nigeria!

  6. @18/9/13 6:37am. Wht x did U̶̲̥̅̊ want believe. Soldiers did not die or people did not die?wht is happen does it mean FG can not handle dis so call BH?if nigerian can handle WAR y can FG handle dis BH devils....?I think FG no what dey re doing...pls stop wasting innocent lifes and d life of our soldiers..I can imagine dat an individaul group is handling d FG.may God help us ohhhh and soldiers....

  7. May God bring solace to the bereaved families of our fallen heroes,no one can undrestand ur pains only God,our heroes are in d battle field without weapons but with God the mighty in battle who protects his beloved surely our God will arise and his enemies will all b scattered cos their god has already failed them.Amen