Monday, 6 May 2013

Doris Simeon's Ex Hubby Lied about Their Divorce

The revelations cropping up about the Daniel Ademinokan/Doris Simeon/Stella Damasus’ love triangle seem to be unending.With all the accusations against Doris coming from Daniel and Stella’s loyalists about her lacklustre performance in the bedroom and all, fresh revelations have arose, stating that if Daniel marries Stella, he would be committing bigamy because Daniel and Doris are not DIVORCED yet as he has led the media to believe
The story we gathered was that, he tricked her into moving to one of her friend’s place when their Magodo residence rent expired, telling her he needed to go to Abuja, seal some deals to raise money for them to pay up their rent and she swallowed it ‘hook, line and sinker’.
While putting up at her friend’s place, she was still on good terms with Daniel and she never suspected any shady business, so this was what made it easy for him to come get their son one day, under the pretext that he wanted the boy to visit his grand mum in Randle Avenue. Little did Doris know that he was going to take the boy away that day with no intentions of bringing him back. This went on for a while; she didn’t get to see her son and was at a loss on what to do.
On the other hand, Daniel in a bid to quickly separate from her to afford him the luxury of moving on with his life without any inhibitions whatsoever allegedly took the law into his hands by giving Doris a ‘fake’ court judgment stating their marriage has been dissolved. Those in the know said prior to the time he gave her the judgment, there was no court summon or complaints alerting her of any divorce proceedings and it shocked her the more because she wasn’t aware of any and never appeared in court. He also told her he had been given full custody of their son.
She believed him initially but called her lawyer who traced the court judgment suit number and discovered it never existed, so Daniel allegedly gave her a fabricated court judgment!
Upon verification of the authenticity of the ‘decree nissi’ ,(a court order that does not have any force until such time that a particular condition is met, such as a subsequent petition to the court or the passage of a specified period of time) she asked her lawyer to file divorce papers on the ground of deceit stating that at this junction given his antics, the marriage had broken down irretrievably (which is the only lawful ground of divorce). The suit number of the case she filed against him is SUIT NO/387/2012 DORIS SIMEON ADEMINOKAN VS DANIEL ORITSEBAWO ADEMINOKAN. She tried getting through to him to challenge him on the issue to no avail as he kept changing his numbers and address.
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  1. Why is all dis trash so common with all dis nollywood actors? I think Doris Semeon is d bonafide owner of her husband. Don't mind dat Idiot stell Damascus cos she pretends 2 b a holy woman. I can't believe she's a husband snatcher after all she went thru with d family of d deceased husband. I'm pretty sure dat what goes around will surely come back around.

  2. Stella na u kill ur hussy.....may baba G 4gve......."turncoat"

  3. Stupid Hubby snatcher. She ll not hv patience Α̲̅πϑ ask God 4 her own Man rather she seduced another woman's hubby out of his Matrimonial home Α̲̅πϑ My annoyance is dat she was busy bragging with som1 else's HUSBAND,Dats quite unfair.I wish u ll read dz Article 2see hw u've caused ur fellow woman sleepless night.STELLA.Okuku nti ike n'eso Ozu Ana n'iyi,topu nwoke mmadu n'agbu Ka ö nakwuru nwunye ya.

  4. Dats very bad of stella.she shd allow d man go 2 his wife,so she can search for her own husband.she ŊO̶̷̩̥̊͡ D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ shame?

  5. Stella am available!