Monday, 4 February 2013

Pastor Bakare Recommends Ghana Execution Style For Leaders

Convener, Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said Nigeria needs total cleansing to purge it of corruption and bad leadership.
Bakare, the President Overseer, Latter Rain Assembly, spoke while delivering a sermon on the state of the nation at the church in Lagos on Sunday.
Bakare said, “Nigeria needs total cleansing. We need what happens in Ghana to happen in Nigeria to send a shock wave to the corrupt people in the country. The corrupt people will think of the grave consequences of their actions before they embark on corruption.
“The entire system is rotten. We need more than overhaul of the system. We need a constitution from the people; the one that is not imposed on them.”
On the issue of planned mergers among some parties, Bakare said such would only work if the driving force behind it was for Nigerians to move forward.
“We want good people to emerge. Else, we will be shooting ourselves in the leg again. I am for the merger, if it is for the rebuilding of the nation,” he said.
He said the sentencing of a former director of the Police Pension Board, Yakubu Yusuf, who admitted stealing N27bn to two years in jail with an option of N750,000  fine was unthinkable.
“Nigeria is hellish for poor thieves and magnanimous to big thieves,” he said.
Bakare faulted the Federal Government on its response to Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Education and former Vice President of the World Bank’s statements that Nigeria’s $45bn in foreign reserves and another $22bn in the Excess Crude Account had been squandered.

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  1. Whatever good that comes out of Bakare's mouth must be 1percent of the rot that oozes out of his mouth. His teachings have gone beyond religion.The man is a saddist to watch,unGodly !

  2. He is not a saddist. He is just passionate.

  3. The man call bakare is confuse is he a real man of God or a religion fantism abeg this man no get wetin to talk

  4. Tunde Bakare should b 1 on d list of d execution cos he is using man of God as a cover up while he is not so he should b no1 on d execution list fool tunde bakare ko tunde bakare ni

  5. Nigerians, wake up! you are all suffering. Look at the state of your country. There is poverty everywhere. Your so called untouchables are wasting your country's money for their selfish ends. Can't you see what is going on? It is time to wake up and support positive people like the one you always refer to as a sadist.

  6. Why this misleading sensational caption - "Pastor Bakare Recommends Ghana Execution Style For Leaders". In this story, I can't find where the Pastor literally recommended Ghana's execution style. It is left to a reader to interprete it the way he or she feels. He further clarified his statement when he said "“The entire system is rotten. We need more than overhaul of the system. We need a constitution from the people; the one that is not imposed on them.” So you can write what you feel.