Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Undergraduate Beheads Girl Friend In Minna

Police in Minna, Niger State capital, are to unravel what would have caused a young man Godwin Idoko a 500 level student of Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna from gruesomely murdering his girlfriend by slaughtering her on New Year’s day.
The loverboy was alleged to have severed the head of his visiting girlfriend who was simply called Hannatu after three days of habouring her at his residence in Rafin Yasi, Bosso on the outskirt of Minna.

It was gathered that some suspicious neighbours of Idoko discovered the dastardly act following his sudden disappearance from the house after an agonising female voice cried from his room.
A neighbour who spoke in confidence told our Correspondent that the suspect had brought in his victim on Sunday, December 30 and were indoors throughout into the New Year until Idoko carried out the dastardly act.
According to our source, ‘’The two have locked themselves up since Sunday when Godwin brought the girl he simply called Hannatu but our (neighbours) attention was drawn to Idoko’s room when we heard the screaming and agonising cry of the girl.
We became more suspicious when after the cry Idoko rushed out of the house with a bag
‘’The sudden calm and the suspicious dashing out of Idoko without his companion made us to approach and forcefully open his door and what we found was the lifeless and headless body of the girl in her own pool of blood in Idoko’s room.’’
Another early caller to the scene noted that the precision at which the victim was beheaded showed that the suspect must have killed his victim for ritual.
‘’If you see how he neatly severed the head from the body, you will be forced to conclude that the suspect did it with high degree of expertise and the act was for ritual,’’ our source stated.
Shocked by their findings, neighbours rushed to report the incident to the police and a manhunt was launched for the runaway lover boy.
It was later gathered that the head of Hannatu was found in an uncompleted building in the neighbourhood before the suspect was apprehended and handed over to the police.
Confirming the dastard killing, Niger State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Pius Edobor, a deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) said the victim has been in their custody for further investigation. According to him, ‘’The suspect is with us and he has confessed committing the offence, but we (Police) are yet to establish the motive of the killing.’’
Refusing to give details of their preliminary findings, Edobor said, ‘’I don’t want to preempt the ongoing investigations. We are looking into many angles to the crime. Investigations will reveal if the suspect killed the girl for ritual or whatever circumstances led to the act.’’
Edobor also said that the university authority has been notified to enable police ascertain the suspect’s status.
The body of Hannatu has been deposited at Minna General Hospital mortuary.

NB:For decency and respect for the deceased,we cannot post the beheaded Head..Editor

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  1. Hmmmm what a brutal world, God help us º°˚˚˚°º there would be no no peace for the wicked,Godwin idoko you must face the music you cant never go scot-free,you must pay for your dubious act, so painful may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace in jesus name Amen...

  2. A final year student turned murderer!

  3. Wonders shall never end,what is dis world turning into?may God save us all.

  4. May God deliver our girls from wrong relationships...

  5. king nathaniel apia8/1/13 8:46 pm

    Godwil must face the law

  6. From da lukz of thinz maybe diz is not his first mission,God don catch da wicked

  7. Na only God go help us for wan wen we dey na.

  8. 2bad 2bad for him

  9. Godwin nemessis has finally caught up wit u wicked wizard u wil pay 4 ur lyf 2 by Gods grace

  10. I am sorry about our higher institutions.Killings, curlts,harlotery and many anti social vices.what a shame.

  11. He did it he shall face guys cos no peace and hidden place for the wicked

  12. God punish that idiot!.he should be beheaded as well.

  13. What so ever a man soweth, so shall he rippeth. This is probably not the first time he has done that.

  14. A final student committed sucide,what kind things happening in nigeria,God help us for suitable life here and after.

  15. He hu lives by d sword,dies by d sword,there4,he hu live by be-heading,shall die be-headed.Godwill or wht eve,idiot U̶̲̥̅̊ must die.or U̶̲̥̅̊я family must pay 4 U̶̲̥̅̊ by diein.wicked he-goat