Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Three Gays Lynched In Imo State

A group, the Nigeria HIV info, dedicated to the protection of the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, has condemned the mob beating of three men accused of engaging in homosexuality in Imo State.
In a statement by Steve Aborisade, its coordinator, the group said it has “reliably confirmed and authenticated the incident and of the identity of one of the men.”
The three men were stripped naked and allegedly lynched on Monday, in Ekwe, near Umuka in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State.
Mr. Aborisade called on security agents to respond to the plight of the men.
“As it is, only the perpetrators and the community can tell the whole world what has become of these men who were seriously beaten up, stripped naked and paraded around the community bounded together like animals on allegation that they were caught having sex together,” Mr. Aborisade said.
Mr. Aborisade said a reliable source “reliably confirmed that the men were yet to be released from the location where they are being held in Umuka, Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State.”
The group appealed to the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, to intervene to save the lives of the men.
“While acknowledging that several Nigerians find the practice of homosexuality strange and unnatural, we also realize that it does not confer a license to trample on the rights of people who engages in it, with the sort of inhuman treatment that was meted out to these them.
“So many informed commentators, including Nobel Prize winner, Prof Wole Soyinka have commented on the scientifically proven fact that more than anything, gays are just victims of biology,” the group said.
Mr. Aborisade said instead of being singled out for harassment and prosecution, sexual minorities deserve support and access to sexual health services that they lack as citizens of this country.
He said sexual minorities “remain a high risk group to HIV/AIDS infection, yet it is a community that has been denied of all access to life saving HIV/AIDS services.”
“We suggest that our parliamentarians should devote equal energy at fishing out and punishing our treasury thieves who are doing more harm to the continued survival of our nation instead of dissipating energy on an issue that borders on private morality.
“We enjoin other rights group to show solidarity and ensure that the rights of sexual minorities are protected like other marginalised groups in the country,” Mr. Aborisade said. 

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  1. Gay practises is not authentic but must they take laws into their hands . If those boys are confirmed dead what happened to ALUU community will happen to them its time for the citizen of this country to know that there are angenceis that can handle such issues .. If anyone have not Sinned let him first cast a stone ...KAMZY

  2. Homosexually is uinhuman and therefore not a human right. It is at best a devils right and must be punishable with the same measure of punishment that God used agaist Soddom and Gomorrah (death by fire).

  3. Don't really know what to say on thiz as I'm against homosexual/gay practice, but nomatter the crime being committed, no individual is entitled to intervene nor take any form of physical action on anyone except by the confines of the laws guiding Te federal republic. I think gays should have access to proper councelling n advise and given a Chance to live a normal life.

  4. Homesexual is evil and is evil spirit that is controlling them,what right are we talking about when the go about harrassing and luring innocent people to the act simply because the are in on position or the other.if not for devil why will a man leave all the beatiful girls and keep running after a fellow man.what ever punishment the get is fine.

  5. Beating them and just killing them is under maltreating them,the person talking about human rights do u know that being a gay is nt a right in Nigeria!and can never be.while your advocating for fight against corruption,zero corruption without morality is equal to Devastation and Hellism.please one caught trying to alter Almighty's creation formular of Man and Woman should be killed to end such inhuman act.Uncle PH

    1. Thats what baberious brain tells you i so pity your backwardness and ignourance.

  6. One is born feminine,like a man,from birth becomes effeminate, he struggles to behave like a guy buy the girl attitude lingers,even before he is sexually active,he is tagged "gay" cos of his gesture, what has "nature" and creation got to say to that.. How wl one whoose effeminate,love females who are feminine, and they re bound to be loved by masculine guys if not,y re the feminine traits in them..... We say homosexuality is unnatural,yet the very first wet dream u have is of a guy making love to u,and u begin to think u re mad,go to churches and even date womenanonly to discover that secretly,u still love men!!!!!! If only u knew wat pppl pass tru,u won't judge at all. Its not abt the sex,but the emotions. Thanks

  7. Your Excellency Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State in Nigeria.
    I am deeply saddened and traumatized to read that people still practice jungle justice in your state. Three men, had their privacy invaded and were paraded along the street accused of engaging in gay sex. Though same-sex sexual action is criminalized under penal code in Nigeria, invasion of privacy is equally against Nigerian law. Only security officials harmed with warrant could enter a house by force if the owner of the house resists arrests or refuses to open the door. What happen to these men could happen to another person and result could be worse than the Aluu tragedy where four young men were burn to death through jungle justice.
    I read that these men are still in the police custody. I also read from where else that they are nowhere to be found. Have they been killed? What can you do elicit transparency in this case? These three men have families in your domain. They were not caught in acts constituting threat to life and property or even public decency. The stories I have read so far says “they were in the privacy of their room having sex.” WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PREVENT JUNGLE JUSTICE FROM HAPPENING AGAIN?
    On second note, human sexuality is not as clear cut as you would think. Some people are born homosexuals. Science confirms this and similar personal life stories of people in this category across the globe confirm it. Coming to this awareness, the British who criminalized same-sex amorous interactions across their colonies have decriminalized it in their own countries and so did many other European countries. South Africa stands as an example for Africa countries to follow. Whatever would make an elder statesman like Nelson Mandela, Wole Soyinka or Desmond Tutu advocate for caution, recognition and respect of the sexual minority’s privacy is worth examining by any other wise leader. Mr. Governor, please come to the assistant of the vulnerable.
    I know same-sex is hotly debated in Nigeria, but that should be no justification for JUNGLE JUSTICE. Mr. Governor could you be the first governor to actually constitute a body researchers to study this “phenomenon” beyond the Bible and sentiment but to the level of scientifically? The finding will enlighten the public and safe lives of vulnerable sexual minorities and their families.
    Finally, would you also use your office to fish out the whereabouts of these men and let the world know that they are still alive? Should they have been killed, would his Excellency fight for justice for them as a deterrent of jungle justice by bringing the perpetrators to justice themselves? There are pictures circulating round the world now about this dastardliest act. Hence faces around them are identifiable and should be arrested for taking laws to their hands. The law of the land presently did not sanction jungle justice or decree death for homosexuals; but they could be arrested by lawful officers and jailed if found guilty by the court (which is also unjust and unwarranted over sex).
    Mary Slessor stood up for life for twin infants, Mr. Governor; I encourage you to stand up for the course of law, orderliness and justice and for lives of these victims of jungle justice and for the sexual minority in particular. God bless the Governor, God bless Imo State and God bless Nigeria.
    Signed: John Adewoye,

  8. its really sad that ppl should be harrassed for their private sexual lives as adults consenting to each other. even though am a nigerian, i hate the attitude of most nigerians and their way of happy am not living there right nw. am gay and am happy to be who i am.