Thursday, 3 January 2013

CKN Nigeria Readers React To Minister's Claim On 18 Hours Daily Power Supply

Minister of Information,Labaran Maku said Nigerians are now enjoying 18 hours uninterrupted power supply daily..Is this true..Has the 18 hours NEPA bug caught up with your area as Maku claimed?..CKN
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  • Tina Nonso Amaechi likes this.
  • Ikem Okuhu d guy is on his own. 2 hours sef we no gree see
  • Veteran Doyen Azeez Maybe he meant to say few Nigerians and that generator is inclusive, cos in my office since morning we have been on GENERATOR. Liars!!!
  • Caleb Awuja Delusions!!!
  • Tina Nonso Amaechi True in my area.
  • Ekwemalor Udoka Peter Dem de try 4 ma side 4 abj,dem neva take light since 1st jan
  • Oluwafemi Olugbodi Labaran Maku is using what he has (mouth) to get what he want.De no de try.
  • Alhazan Abiodun 'Igba wo ni Ma'ku o nii ku!' (When will Ma'ku (don't die) will not die?
  • Bayo Sola that guy should be fired,he tell obvious lie,yesterday 1st i use light from 3am to 11am and they brought it this morning 8am
  • Egesie Chinyeaka Iyke only four hours light atime six hours
  • Fidelis Ejimofor Enwemeka This claim may be true in the Minister's house, but in my area, it's been three (3) days OFF, yes, OFF, one (1) hour on. This has been on for close to two weeks now. Before then, NEPA, sorry PHCN used to give us light most of the night between 11pm and 5am and some times in the day time. We can't predict when they will 'bring' it in the day time.
  • Fajuyi Adekunle Pelumi In my area, it comes on like if a child is playing with the light switch. On and off. Electronics are getting burnt.
  • Ola Bakare Labaran dey craze,wey de light
  • Bassey Ekong No way, my area is worse off now...Gen has been the mainstay.
  • Confidenceabc Edozie Maku u r a liar!
  • Aminu Muhammad Ofs I am tempted to ask God to punish him. And that is been sincere. All through yesterday at home, not even a blink of it. Since i have entered this office today, i have not seen a blink of it.
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  • Eyitayo Oyinsan For where?Babanla Iro! Na lie ooooo.Nawa for this people ooo
  • Bunmi Awonaya Ds is blatant lie. Ds Govt shld put deir acts tgeda nd perform instead of feedng us wt wat is not. Ders bn no power supply in my Estate for abt 2wks derabt. We just had 4hrs supply last nyte. Generator sef don revolt
  • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Aminu hahahahaha
  • Confidenceabc Edozie In dis year I declare any man dat eats our mony 4 fixing road will get an accident on dat same road he refuses 2 fix
  • Onyinye Chibundu The minister is talking under d influence of w**d
  • Aminu Muhammad Ofs Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn, i am sincere bros. I have been in the office since 8am and i have not seen electricity for a second and my office is just shout away from the PHCN regional office here in Kano. As i type, i am using the monitor screen to see because the guy in charge of the generator ledt by 5pm because of the motorcycle time ban here. If my house which is about 20klms away from my office is PHCN cursed, why then my office which is so near to their office? These people are totally disconnected from reality. Yes, some areas do enjoy near stable electricity and that has been the case even before the coming of GEJ. Even these areas get less now.
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  • Olubode Maclauren Oserinde He must either be living in dreamland or wonderland. Or better still, like his boss, prophesyland! oooosuo! aanufia!
  • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Aminu i feel u my brother
  • Chidiebere Onyemaizu Labaran Maku is right.infact there has been 24 hours uninterrupted power supply in my area (Ogudu,Lagos)between yesterday& today.people should separate localised power problems capable of leading to unstable power supply e.g faulty transformer,vandalised electrical cables etc,from d general country-wide power sentiment here.
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  • Aminu Muhammad Ofs They should just keep quite as they eat their money. It becomes annoying when they insult us with their words,.
  • Okechukwu Nwanguma Labaran Maku is insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians
  • Aminu Muhammad Ofs Chidiebere, some areas do enjoy near stable electricity. I know an area in Kano where most of the people there do not own generator and the few who do will tell you they have not used it in weeks and some months. There are very few areas like that. During the raining season improvements, we all felt the improvement and made so much noise about it. Why is it now that the improvement is localized. My office is about seven buildings away from the PHCN regional office here in Kano and ordinarily, i should be enjoying stable electricity but i have not seen electricity for total of FOUR hours in two weeks. Even on Christmas day, i was in the office and could not do anything because there was no light and the Generator guy was on holiday. Take your statistics from the comments here bros and imagine the number of people who have "localized" power problem compared to those not having. Does it tell you anything Sir?
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  • Nwachukwu Lynda Lily The minister is talking under the influence of New Year bribe. For the past days, I have seen light.
  • Olubode Maclauren Oserinde @ Chidiebere: my community is the host community for the nation's largest power hub, yet we've bn suffering frm epileptic power supply since 31st of Dec.

    What do u say to that?
  • Agatha Fina Onyia Ekwulu There's freedom of speech in Nigeria
  • Aminu Muhammad Ofs The last time i was in Abuja less than two months ago, i stayed in Asokoro for seven days and in those days, i will rather say my hosts were on generator for over 18 hours daily. At a point, i noticed they were putting on the generator sometimes to honour me and decided to be visiting friends and not return until late in the evening. I left telling myself, "why then complain if those in Asokoro where you have most of the state Government lodges and some foreign embassies suffer what i suffer. It was a king of consolation.
  • Chika Umeh Ikem-Mgbemena In his dreams maybe. In realty its actually getting worse! Please CKN help us wake him up!
  • Oluwole Samson yea; the guy could be right; i can confirm that we have had light 80% of the time in the last 4 months of 2012
  • Chika Umeh Ikem-Mgbemena Oluwole do u live in Nigeria? Just asking.
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  • Abiodun Ogunmoroti yes, hesaid the truth at least for the first time....more than 18hours daly..
  • Oluwole Samson yes i do; i stay in tejuoso; i am surprised myself
  • Oluwole Samson all the minister said was half truth; some have it better, some is worse: at least they should have said work in progress
  • Oluwole Samson why u dey laugh, ckn
  • Oluwole Samson 2013 is approaching; so they need as many half truth as possible
  • Toyin Owoseni Oshungboye He is dreaming, may he wanted to say in his dream, i dnt use up to six hour. Yeye!
  • Jones Fagbiye I live in FHA Lugbe Abuja. On the assertion that Nigerians now enjoy 18hrs uninterrupted power supply is not being experienced by the residents in the area where I live. Sometimes light may not even bleak for 30hrs. The best we enjoy is around 8 to 10 hours daily. I like to advice our people making comments on issues like this to let other readers know the area/town where they reside/work to enable others verify their reports/comments.
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  • Blenita Anurika Ibeawuchi Hahahaha dat guy d blow lies we de make me laugh
  • Oluwole Samson @Fagbiye: u've spoken honourably well
  • Macaulay Ebenezer As for me, there"s nothing of such in Mowe town ,Ogun State. Or my area is not one of his assessed places in Nigeria ?
  • Blenita Anurika Ibeawuchi Even on 25th na low voltage we see, e no even carry my TV talk more of fridge dat man is telling himself a big good lies
  • Obiorah T. Momife I just detest that guy...minister of Information? He lacks the finesse the logic to convince...for a nation like this. It is sad that propaganda is the tool in use. He just talks like a lecturer in a year one class, talking to jambites. Should I say the “best” Information minister Nigeria ever had?
  • Foluso Ogunmodede They are a bunch of liers,what do you expect from govt of deceit?
  • Dawodu Olanrewaju Funlayo Ko joooo rara dis is far from d truth, i don't know y our leaders tell blatant lies! Ha.
  • Adeola Adeosun 4where!!!!!!our power only came yesternight, went off at 2am and just came now. We had NO POWER on Christmas day or d 1st of 2013, plssssssssss wat 18hrs is he talking about. Maybe in his house.
  • Henry Omoregie · Friends with Iyk Jp Igwe and 109 others
    Labaran Maku's statement read... “At the moment, there is an average of about 15 to 18 hours per day of constant power supply to different parts of the country''... Only mischievious pressmen give headlines like the one on this Status when the actual speech was ''AVERAGE'' of 15 to 18 hours in different parts of Nigeria !
  • Obiorah T. Momife Henry Omoregie please where do you live? Even that average is ridiculous my friend. You do not use specifics when you do not have facts. This is propaganda simple.
  • Adeola Amusat Labaran mistakes light from his govt funded genset 4 nepa light ni> Mumus in power. Must they talk?
  • Carmen Parker-Townsend He must be high on some special weed!!!. It is very bad to strat off a new year with lies and chronic deceit.
  • Jeje Mufutau Adeyemi He can not know now, he his on generator 24/7. we hardly have light in my area.
  • Eniola Adedayo That guy is mad and suffering from d cancer of d mouth. That was how he said it was Jonathan that brought internet and facebook to Nigeria sometime last year. That guy needs an urgent brain test. Mumu minister. He has no fact in his life.
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  • Jackson Lekan Ojo Labaran Maku is a Loquacious idiot.
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  • Olugbenga Ogunleye Dis is not true. I'm resident in Ijapo, Akure & these days, we don't enjoy even 2hrs of electricity each day. Could it be they shed our electricity for others to enjoy?
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  • Chii Ezirim Nwanoka he is clowning!
  • Adeleke Lefak Fakoya When someone has mental problems, would you take him seriously when he 'funfools' as the Yoruba say?
  • Angus Arinze Edeh For those of you who always unduely abuse and insult people in authority,progress and prosperity would continue to ellude you all if you dont change your ways this year.Why wont people be honest ?to say the truth or hail the government when they do well?...for me i have light in my area almost 24/7 these days.Except atimes 5 to 10mins outage which doesnt happen daily.And friends and relatives across the country testify same.So the minister was right and the Government of GEJ have greatly improved on power.I give that to them.I hope it continues so
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  • Rahmat-Olasumbo Oyewole Blatant fluke.
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  • Nelson Ekujumi Its only in an insame clime like ours dat characters like Labaran Maku will still be holding public office despite the fact that his fuel subsidy lies have been exposed by the indictment of some marketers.In most areas dat I know of in dis Lagos,power supply is erratic as usual
  • Chii Ezirim Nwanoka Angus Arinze Edeh i think u are as much a clown as Labaran Maku if u choose to measure the stability of power in Nigeria by the singular fact that u or maybe less than 5% of Nigeria populace enjoy relatively steady power supply. And for u to insult people on fb bc they expressed their views about a govt that has failed in delivering on their promises is highly immature. And for the record, it is u and ur fellow sycophants in Nigeria that will see black and call it white that progress and prosperity will surely elude in 2013. for ur info, if u ve soiled ur hands by means of stealing from our commonwealth, posterity will surely catch up with u one day
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  • Adeola Adeosun I bet pple who are supporting d minister and taking offense at us telling d truth, might be Generator peddlers, diesel merchants and govt contractors especially nepa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wat truth? I dont have Power, how can i agree dat am enjoying 18hrs of power???????????? Self-Deceit is a terrible infection.
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  • Nkem Augustina Amadi-Chukwuemekanahi...................... Maku no sure
  • Mayowa Oyefusi-Agbojeyin So far na lie oooo. We no get light
  • Bridget Stephen I never see light since we enter 2013 ooo
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  • Bridget Oyedele May be for Govt Reserved Areas!Lol! I still run d Gen daily!Smh.Hmmm,
    2013, Olurun A kosi inu awon Oselu Naija!
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  • Adebisi Olumide-ajayi it has improved sha
  • Bayode Olubo A big liar,who is fooling who?
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  • Chigo Franca Udengwu Seriously they haven't blinked d light from morning till now
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  • Chigo Franca Udengwu Is it a crime for nigerians to enjoy uninterrupted electricity for yrs?
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  1. It is a big lie, here in Okigwe where I live we see light two days before month end. That is for them to come and collect there monthly fee.

  2. Mad man,we didn't have light in our area for the past four. Days and he wsa saying rubish that we had light for eighteen hours wot a shameless group of people

  3. Very true its been like that for over a week in my own area. Please keep it up thank you PHCN

  4. They are trying in my area. There is great improvement. Thumbs up!