Sunday, 15 July 2012

Alert:Captured Bomber In Okene Says A Second Bomber Is On His Way To Abuja With His Bombs

Sahara Reporters learnt that a captured bomber involved in the car bombing of a gasoline station in Okene today made a startling confession that another car rigged with bombs and with two men at the controls may be headed to Abuja to carry out a bomb attack.
Today a bomb exploded beside a gasoline station in Okene Township in Kogi State.

Eyewitnesses told SaharaReporters that a vehicle parked close to a gas station exploded. A police source disclosed that the vehicle was apparently timed to cause significant fire by igniting underground gasoline tanks in the area. There are no reported casualties, even though the trunk of the car was ripped apart.

Moments before the car exploded, residents and auto mechanics in the area said they saw two men walk briskly away from the car. They reported that the two men entered a bush around the area, apparently to hide. A vigilant group searched the forest and found one of the two men and later handed him over to the Joint Task Force team in the township.

Our sources said the captured car bomber confessed that he and his accomplice were headed to Abuja in a gold-colored "Honda Academy" saloon car. The bombers stopped at the MPC gasoline station on Lagos road in the Obehira-Oro area of Okene and their vehicle, rigged with explosives, exploded minutes later close to a church.
A second bomb planted at the entrance of a church in the Okene exploded before the the end of church service. The Joint Military Task Force (JTF) commander in the state,  Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Olorunyomi, said the  bomb was planted at the front of the Lord’s Chosen Church also in Obehira area of Okene timed to explode at the end of the church service. No one was injured in that attack

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