Monday, 11 June 2012

Exclusive Synopsis And Pictures Of The Making Of DAISY MOVIE..To Be Premièred Late June

A sequence of events makes Prof. Anih doubt the paternity of his darling daughter. Almost going crazy, unsure of what to believe and needing to know the truth, He confides in his brother in-law who is a medical Doctor. The result of the DNA test collapses his already shattered world. "DAISY IS TRUELY NOT HIS CHILD" Armed with the evidence, he confronts his “cheating, lying “ wife. Faced with imminent disgrace for a crime she is sure she did not commit, but cannot prove, she reaches in all directions for a meaningful explanation, but there is non. Almost demented and Clutching at straws, she embarks on a journey in search of her sanity, Her marriage, and her collapsed world. A journey that will take her all the way to Accra, Ghana. A search she hoped will give her back her life… BUT THEN, THERE WAS A LOT SHE DIDN’T BARGAIN FOR!!! Shot on locations in Lagos...Badagry...Accra. Producer ..... Tony Anih Production Manager... Eke Ume Cinematographer ...... Pindem Lot Post Production ..........Akasa Angba Stevens Executive Producers... Peace Anyiam Osigwe, Tony Anih, Bond Emeruwa, Emma Isikaku....The movie will be premiered at Ozone Lagos on 23rd June 2012...CKN

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