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1. He is a pastor at Olive Tree House of Prayer for All Nations in Banana Island, which is a Redeemed Christian Church of God Parish.
2. Professor Osinbajo is the Ethics Adviser to the Advisory Board of the African Development Bank
3. He is also a director of Citibank (non-executive)
4. He has served in various capacities in the United Nations.
5. He is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)
6. He is Senior Partner in Simmons-Cooper Partners law firm.
7. He is also a professor of law, and was HOD of Public Law at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) [1997-1999].
8. Professor Osinbajo has written and co-authored (and edited) several books and publications.
9. He obtained his LLB degree at the University of Lagos and his LLM at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
10. He served as the Special Adviser to the Attorney General of Nigeria from 1988 to 1992.
11. In 1999, he became the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos state. He was reappointed for a second term in 2003.
12. In this time, he began the Lagos State justice reform project, which featured the establishment of the Directorate for Citizen's Rights (DCR) (which gave free legal services and legal representations to Lagos state's less-privileged.)
13. He lives in Lagos with his wife and three children.
14. Some of his books and publications are:
“The Unification and Reform of the Nigerian Criminal Law and Procedure Codes” ; “Law Development and Administration”; “The Annotated Civil Procedure rules of The Superior Courts in Nigeria”; and “Cross Examination: A Trial Lawyer’s Most Potent Weapon”.
15. Professor Osinbajo is the co-founder and Board Member Convention on Business
Integrity and the Justice Research Institute Ltd. In 2007, Prof. and his wife Oludolapo founded “The Orderly Society Trust”, a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to the promotion of Christian ethics and orderliness.
16.He is an Alumni of Igbobi College Lagos

A 2014 batch ‘C’ corps member, Olaolu Ayoola, who is a graduate of Computer Science/Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, on Monday display a drone built by him, the drone took off and carried out surveillance of the parade ground at the Permanent Orientation Camp of the National Youth Service Corps.
Ayoola, who is posted to Osun state, stole the show with his invention during the closing ceremony of the orientation course for the 2014 batch ‘C’ of corps members deployed in the state to the admiration of the state deputy Governor, Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomori.
The drone, which soldiers and other security agents present at the event, described as a good invention, flew for about 10 minutes before it landed.
The device is fixed with surveillance camera, and can stay in the air for 20 minutes and is capable of flying up for 500 meters.
The device with remote control has 2.4G radio transmitter and carried out live recording of the event which was monitored on a black berry phone.
Ayoola says that his love for aeronautics drove him into engaging in the device.
Apart for military use, Ayoola said that the drone could also be used by politicians to hoist their flags and could also be used to monitor activities on large farms.
He said, “This type of drone, if fully developed, could be used by farmers. You can deploy it to fly round a farm of about 20 hectares and you will monitor what is going on on the farm right from where the remote control is.
“It can be used to monitor traffic situation and in case of flooding, the drone can monitor the area.
“I spent over N20,000.00 to build this but I can do something with a bigger capacity and which will stay for more hours in the air if fund is available.”
The deputy governor who said she was impressed with the drone said the corps member should assembly youths anywhere he was posted to serve and teach them how to do this kind of invention.
The State Coordinator, Mr. Abada Okpiroro, also commended the corps member for the drone.

I am a Nigerian who loves his country and am hopeful about what it can become. I have seen and conducted myself as a patriot long before I thought of myself as a politician. I shall always walk this line and no other.

After all the political calculations are made and the dust of competition has settled, it must be this nation and its people who stand first and foremost. The question becomes whether we stand strong, able to shape ourselves into our best future or will we stand frail and trembling, burdened by the abject failure to surmount the multiple problems confronting us.

It against this backdrop that I assess any action I take. Here I come to my name being placed in consideration as the Vice Presidential candidate for our party, the APC. I have labored hard to move this party from being merely an idea in the minds of a few into being a political organization that might win this election and govern the nation in way that gives the people the hope and opportunity they seek. Nothing is more important to me than to realize this dream not for myself but for the people of this land I so love.

I helped to build this party, giving no thought to seeking an elected office because of it. My contribution to the party was never based on the expectation of a later political handout. Nigeria is in trouble and we are well past the moment for such narrow, selfish games.

There came a time during the course of the events when our Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari offered the Vice Presidential slot to me. Being a normal human being, I was deeply moved and honored that he would consider me for the position. Being a patriot, I had to weigh my potential candidacy in all of its dimensions.

I have concluded that the interest of the party, our campaign and of the nation are better served if I retain my position as the National leader of the APC, allowing me to be a bridge builder across all divides. Although, I declined the position, I want to thank General Buhari for extending the honor to me. Despite all the noise and opposition around my possible selection, he stood firm and steadfast. He showed the traits of a leader in holding to a decision he believed was right despite the errant plots against it.

When my name was raised, the political hatchet men tried to chop it down with rumor and lies. Over the years, I have developed a thick skin. The personal attacks did not bother me. I am used to them. While I have a thick skin, I don’t have a thick mind. There has been one form of attack that has troubled me. That is the attack based on religion. The PDP and others have stoked fear of a Muslim- Muslim ticket.

I have removed myself from consideration so what I now say cannot be seen as self-serving. I plead with the people of this nation to never allow the power lust of cynical politicians to set brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. If you look at those politicians who raise this issue the most, they are the least devout and faithful to any religion other their self-interests.

Nigeria has too many secular problems – insecurity, economic collapse, poverty , corruption and misgovernance – to allow inept people to use religion to keep us from solving these challenges for the benefit of all.

Those who exploit religion should be wary. For there really is a God and he does not like it when you play with his people or use His name to do the opposite of what He intends.

I ask the people to remove religion from the electoral equation now that the tickets of both parties are mixed. I ask you to select the ticket best able to end the downward slide that Nigeria has endured since this government took over. I ask you to remember that too many Christians and Muslims are poor. Most of all, I ask you to remember that the true religion of the PDP is poverty, APC come to bring prosperity to the people. Please vote for that.

The Nigeria I see is a nation that shall overcome. The Nigeria I see is a nation ready to sweep aside the broken ways of our recent past and the government and politicians who impose distress upon us. The Nigeria I see and seek is one where each person, every man, woman and child may live free of terrorism, free of the despair of poverty and free of the fear that the government meant to serve and protect them has turned its back to them in cold and utter indifference.

I see and seek a Nigeria where progressive democratic governance creates the political and economic space needed for each of us to contribute to rescuing and retooling this nation. And, in the process of this benign endeavor, may each and every one of us share in the sound promise and good prosperity that shall describe the architecture of our national revival.

However, not everyone that shouts the name of Nigeria believes in this vision. There are many who would have you laid low and our future tossed asunder that they may persist in reaping the unjust reward of their selfish ways. There are wolves in sheep clothing and even jackals in wolf’s clothing. I have seen them but not as residents in some strange zoo. They populate the halls of this diminished government and the party from which this government was born.

We have come to the field of fateful choice. We have been brought to test the scales of weighty decision. Shall we lift this nation upward so that from its higher vantage point we may clearly see the road to our better destiny? Or shall we continue to march the march of fools into the dark of darkness. The current path has but one end. It shall take us into the den of national collapse. We have gone far enough down this wicked avenue to be aware of what its continuance portends.

We must awaken of our own accord, my dear people, before the bell of doom rings upon us. If we wait until that moment, we would have waited too long. Our future, our fate, our destiny would have been cast into the snare of utter misfortune. This is not the song of greatness. It is the poetics of ruin.

For me, political ambition will never triumph over patriotic conviction. This delicate moment affords no space for emotion to intrude to blind us from what is best. The APC is the best and only vehicle to enact the progressive and broad change this nation cries for. I eagerly lend myself to this fine cause without me having to be on the ticket.

This is a time for cohesion and an overriding sense of mission. We must defeat the foe before us and resist all temptations intended to entice us to fight among ourselves.

I sincerely commit myself to the rescue agenda of General Buhari and Professor Osinbajo.

I declare to you, I will work and dedicate myself so that our ticket succeeds and wins the 2015 election — not for his good, not for my good, not even for the party’s good but for the good of the nation we inhabit.

Some may call what I have done a sacrifice. I call it otherwise. It is my patriotic contribution and duty. I do so with a happy and uplifted heart and clear conscience because I have committed myself to seeking the best for this nation before seeking what is good for myself. This is the creed of statesmanship I chose to follow. May this be the creed of our party as General Buhari leads us to historic victory in the 2015 elections.
May the light of a bright future always shine on you and on our beloved nation, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

-Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
December 17th, 2014

The All Progressives Congress (APC) after several deliberations have decided to stick to the choice of APC's Chieftain Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the Person of Prof Yomi Osibajo,a Professor of law and Tinubu's former Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in Lagos State as its Vice Presidential candidate to run alongside Gen Muhammadu Buhari..He is the Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Victoria Island Lagos, a former Professor of Law at University of Lagos and an Alumni of Igbobi College Yaba


The Department of State Service has arrested an aide to Borno State Governor, Junaid Khadi, and six other associates of the self-styled Australian negotiator, Stephen Davis, who claimed to be Boko Haram commanders and organised a fake ceasefire negotiation with the Federal Government.
The suspects allegedly collected millions of Naira from the Federal Government while giving the impression that they were members of the deadly sect interested in a ceasefire agreement.
The other suspects include Abubakar Yusuf (a.k.a. Baba Sani); Saleh Ibrahim (a.k.a Liman Ibrahim; Abdullahi Saleh (a.k.a Babadale); Nurudeen Ibrahim; Mubarak Adamu (a.k.a. Molo); and Mustapha Maidugu (a.k.a Musty/Small).
Parading the suspects on Tuesday in Abuja, the Deputy Director, Public Relations, DSS, Marilyn Ogar, explained that following allegations by Davis on August 29, 2014, that a former Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, and a former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika were sponsoring Boko Haram, the service initiated an in-depth investigation into the accusations.
Consequently, she said, the seven suspects, who were Davis’ associates, were arrested and it was established that they were part of a well orchestrated plan to spread falsehood, undermine and discredit the efforts of the government to end terrorism in the country.
Ogar described the Australian and his cohorts as part of several local and international groups who were out to “make merchandise of the Boko Haram insurgency through concocted and fabricated stories.”
She explained that Khadi confessed to have known Davis since 2006 and that he introduced one Aisha Wakil, a lawyer, to the Australian as a credible link to top members of the violent Islamic sect.
Ogar said, “Khadi is a 45-year-old Kanuri man from Borno State. He was an aide to the Borno State Governor, Kassim Shettima, and he confessed that he and one Gen. Ashafa went with Davis on a journey to a remote part of Marte Local Government Area of Borno State, on a false mission to rescue the abducted Chibok schoolgirls.
“He deliberately conspired to blackmail and implicate Ali Modu Sheriff, a former governor of Borno State, and one Mala Othman, a former state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress as sponsors of the Boko Haram sect. He said he did this by mounting pressure on the fake Boko Haram commanders, particularly Abubakar Yusuf, to affirm that Sheriff was indeed a sponsor.”
Ogar stated that Khadi made the claim to give weight to his scam and compel the government to negotiate with the fraudulent group. But when this failed, he said he sold the idea to Davis to conjure the indictment of Ihejirika based on allegations that the military under him, was responsible for several failed attempts by the Australian to make contact with the Presidency.
“Khadi also confessed that he organised several meetings between the purported Boko Haram commanders and Davis in Abuja and he was privy to a Youtube video, an interview on Voice of Americaand he also used Davis’ camera to capture snapshots of Davis in a group photograph with some fake commanders of the sect,” she narrated.
Ibrahim, who was a casual member of staff of the Borno Radio Television, confessed to have joined the sect in 2003 and was an ardent follower of the late Mohammed Yusuf until 2005 when he quit the sect to join the BRTV.
The suspect told journalists during an interview that Khadi paid him N300,000 for his role in the mischievous media campaign by Davis.
Other suspects also said they received various amount of money after participating in a government-sponsored dialogue with the sect, adding that they also met with Ambassador Hassan Tukur, the Principal Secretary to President Jonathan and the Taminu Turaki-led dialogue committee as top members of Boko Haram Shura Council, a claim which was false.

FORMER Lagos State governor and a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu has confirmed his interest in the vice presidential ticket of the party.
In a missive reacting to an alleged smear campaign against him on the matter, he said governance had little to do with religion, region or rumour but more with vision and competence.
His reaction to reports objecting to his interest in the search for General Muhammadu Buhari’s running mate was packaged by his media team “Tinubu Media Office” (TMO).
The main objection to his involvement in the race, according to the said reports, was founded on his same religion with Buhari, his alleged involvement in drug-trafficking and alleged tainted academic achievements.
The behind-the-scene tales of his last-minute support for President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 were also explained in the response to those he called “PDP disinformation machine and APC small elements.”
According to the report, “the unfolding smear campaign against former Lagos State governor and leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, is no surprise.
“It had been in the works for years since the Jonathan-led government realised that Tinubu commanded a powerful political followership. The successful merger and birth of the APC posed the most potent threat to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Tinubu, an architect of the merger, has become a marked man.
“The thought of a Buhari-Tinubu ticket confounds the PDP hierarchy. That Tinubu might be nominated as General Buhari’s running mate also incenses the small element within the APC, who joined the party not for its progressive vision, but to exploit its platform to press forward their vision of themselves.
“Having failed at halting General Buhari’s bid, the PDP disinformation machine has thrown itself into overdrive trying to stymie the selection of Tinubu. Sadly, some elements within the APC – elevating their personal ambition over party and national interests — have lent themselves to this endeavor.
“There is a vicious campaign to deter Tinubu from the APC ticket; this campaign is being run from the PDP’s basement. They fear him. They cannot assail his competence and experience. He has been an able senator and governor. They cannot assail his commitment to democracy.
“He has personally sacrificed more for democracy than all the PDP hierarchy combined. They fear his ability to campaign, to get out the vote and to protect that vote, especially in the South-West, because they know that is the pivotal region where the election will likely be won or lost.
“These assailants desperately try to scuttle Tinubu’s potential candidacy. In that the truth offers them no solace, they resort to lies. They seek to ambush the man under cover of innuendo and untruth. But their aim is off and their knives are wrong. In the end, what they use to injure him will turn to point against them. Such is the outcome when one engages in malice.
“Thus, they seek to prevent a person who may be controversial yet he is perhaps Nigeria’s most able and versatile politician, strategist and policy maker. For perhaps the most gifted politician of his time not to seek national office is a luxury a nation in this dire circumstance can ill afford. In the end, governance has little to do with religion, region or rumour. It has to do with vision and competence. The wrong knives will never be able to cut that truth.”
“During the Nazi takeover of Germany, madman Adolf Hitler became jealous of those within his own party who showed independent thought and who would not allow themselves to be bent just so he could satisfy his megalomania. Outraged, he engineered a purge, executing the lot of them. This bloody scheme became known as the ‘night of the long knives.’ In Nigeria, we have entered the ‘season of the wrong knives.’
“The recent report on one of the online news websites on the allegations bordering on his academic qualification is not new. What is new is how desperate they have become to stir up a new controversy using an old lie. In the past, these allegations were successfully rebutted. Recent attempt to present them as fresh allegations will not go unchallenged.
“The online report, published by Sahara Reporters, claims that Tinubu withdrew his support for the ACN in the 2011 election due to blackmail by the president. It is rather odd that this report colours Tinubu as the villain. If the report were true, he would be a victim.
“President Jonathan and his administration would be guilty of the high crime of extortion. This tiny consideration seemed not to dawn on the authors of this scurrilous piece; so fixated on stabbing Tinubu, they implicate their own boss in wrongdoing. So eager to please their master, Jonathan’s mindless men further ensnare him.
“If Tinubu had been scared off in 2011, it would make no sense for him to spearhead the formation of the APC against the same president. If the president had such control over Tinubu, why didn’t the president use that leverage earlier to scuttle the APC before it gained a strong position in the political space? The story makes no logical sense.
“The particular accusations in the story further reveal the malice of mind of those peddling it. They claim Tinubu did not attend Chicago State University. They cite as their evidence a letter from the US Consulate. But if you read the letter carefully, the surname stated is ‘TinubO’ not ‘TinubU.’ If the university did a computer check on that name, the check would come up empty. The culprits likely misspelled the last name so that the name search would reveal nothing. This is clever but immoral; it is a wrong knife.
“Meanwhile, Tinubu has genuine documents and pictures showing him as an award-winning student at the school. Nigeria should be proud that one of its own graduated an honour student from an American university over 30 years ago when that was more of a rarity than it is today. Instead, his detractors want to pretend he never set foot on campus.
“As late as August 2012, Tinubu visited the university and was given a special reception and a tour by the school’s president. This would not have been done for a stranger. It would have been done for a distinguished alumnus.
“After graduation, Tinubu landed jobs with two well established international companies, one, the accounting firm Deloitte and Touche and the other, ExxonMobil. Such companies investigate an applicant’s academic background. If he had not attended school, these companies would not have hired him. He would not have excelled in them but he did.
“The rumour about drug running is the lowest form of calumny. He has never been arrested, charged or indicted for any drug-related crime. Had any such suspicion existed, the American government would not have granted him political asylum during the Abacha era. Under American law, asylum cannot attach to anyone who has broken or offended that same law.
“Moreover, Tinubu travels frequently to the states. This means he has a visa. American law prohibits visa issuance to anyone reasonably suspected of drug dealing, let along being convicted of the same.
“If I were Tinubu, I would place a wager with the PDP. He should offer to fly to America if the PDP would also send Mr Buruji Kashamu. Both can fly to Chicago. Then he should bet the PDP who would return to Nigeria first. We all know the answer.”