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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ex Kwara Senator Sues Young Girl For Refusing To Marry Him

Ex Kwara Senator Sues Young Girl For Refusing To Marry Him

Former governorship candidate under the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Kwara State, Senator Sulyman Makanjuola Ajadi on Tuesday dragged his lover, Haleemat Temitope Abdulazeez, to court for refusing to marry him. The senator is specifically asking for the refund of monies spent on her education and family.

The Senator claimed his lover, who is a student of Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete, defrauded him to the tune of N750k. Ajadi through his counsel, Salman Jawondo approached the court with a motion ex-parte dated 31st August 2017.

The grounds of application filed before Magistrate Monisola Gbadeyan Kamson, stated that: “The plaintiff/applicant’s claim against the defendant is for recovery of debt and/or liquidated money demanded. .

Ajadi during examination in chief told the court that since Haleemat failed to cede to his marriage proposal, hence the need to claim money expended on her education. The former lawmaker claimed he met his lover two years ago through a chatting social network; WhatsApp. .

“When she finally came to my house at Foyeke Street, Tanke area, she knelt, crying that I should please help her secure admission into either University of Ilorin, Al-Hikmah University or KWASU. I promised to help after asking of her parent,” he stressed.

According to Ajadi, after securing admission at KWASU, she approached me for a loan of N550k to offset her school fees adding that the father promised to pay whenever government pays his 14-month salary arrears.

He further informed the court that their relationship took a dramatic twist the day he jokingly sought Haleemat’s hand in marriage, adding that she stopped coming to him for about a month. .

Ajadi further told the court that after a week, Haleemat visited him again to demand for a loan of N200k to help her parents. “Now that they’ve collected the money, things have changed. They hardly pick calls,” he lamented.
Donald Trump's First Year Anniversary Marred By Shutdown And Protests

Donald Trump's First Year Anniversary Marred By Shutdown And Protests

Donald Trump’s first anniversary in office was marked by the turbulence and division that have defined his presidency, with a government shutdown and protests in cities across the country.

Up to 800,000 federal workers were told to stay home after the White House and Congress failed to strike a compromise on a government spending bill. Workers deemed essential and armed forces personnel were asked to stay at work. If the shutdown continues, they will likely go unpaid.

Armed services personnel abroad got their first taste of the cuts when they were told they would not be able to watch Sunday’s NFL playoff games, because the armed forces broadcasting network had shut down.

With crisis talks under way, Trump cancelled a trip to his Florida retreat at Mar-a-Lago, where he had hoped to celebrate his year in office at a gala dinner.

Instead, as protesters marked their own anniversary of major anti-Trump demonstrations outside the White House and in other major cities, the president stayed in Washington, firing off angry tweets.

All you need to know about the US government shutdown

Trump sought to blame Democrats for the shutdown, claiming they were putting immigrants before other Americans.

Democrats blamed Trump, for walking away from a compromise over the future of young undocumented migrants known as Dreamers. They pointed out that the shutdown, the first since October 2013, was the first when one party controlled all three branches of government.

Trump, who had intended to celebrate the anniversary at Mar-a-Lago, remained in Washington on Saturday.

Trump, who had intended to celebrate the anniversary at Mar-a-Lago, remained in Washington on Saturday. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

At a press conference, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi alluded to a tweet Trump wrote in May 2017, saying a shutdown would be good for the country.

“Happy anniversary Mr President, your wish came true,” Pelosi said. “You won the shutdown. The shutdown is all yours.”

Addressing the House, Republican speaker Paul Ryan said: “Senate Democrats refuse to fund the government unless we agree to their demands on something entirely unrelated. They want a deal on immigration. And then they’ll think about reopening the government.”

    Happy anniversary Mr President, your wish came true. You won the shutdown. The shutdown is all yours
    Nancy Pelosi

Saturday’s talks were focused on passing a stopgap spending measure. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump was being updated and had been in touch with Republican leaders.

At a White House briefing, director of legislative affairs Marc Short signalled a concession when he said Trump would sign a resolution to keep the government funded for three weeks. The spending bill rejected by the Senate late Friday night would have kept the government open for four.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca), Obama-era legislation that allowed approximately 700,000 Dreamers to stay in the country, is set to expire on 5 March after being rescinded by Trump. Democrats have refused to support any spending bill that does not restore such protection.

Republican senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, said in a statement he believed a continuing resolution “through 8 February” and a commitment to “seek resolution on immigration, disaster relief, military and government funding, Chip [children’s health insurance], and other healthcare related issues” would pass the upper chamber.
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What now for Daca and the Dreamers?

But Short said Senate Democrats were “basically conducting a two-year-old temper tantrum in front of the American people” and said: “We will not negotiate the status of 690,000 unlawful immigrants while hundreds of millions of tax-paying Americans, including hundreds of thousands of our troops in uniform and border agents protecting our country, are held hostage by Senate Democrats.”

White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney accused Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of lying about his Friday meeting with Trump.

Trump and Schumer shared a cheeseburger lunch at the White House. The president reportedly agreed to more time for a deal on Dreamers in return for more defence spending, funding for a border wall and tougher enforcement of immigration law.

But the deal frayed and John Kelly, the White House chief of staff and an immigration hardliner, called Schumer to kill the talks.
With government shutdown, Republicans reap what they sow
Richard Wolffe
Richard Wolffe
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On Saturday, Schumer said dealing with President Trump was “like negotiating with Jello”, later adding that this was “because he can’t stick to the terms.”

Schumer’s No 2 in the Senate, Dick Durbin of Illinois, said a bipartisan group of senators had been on the cusp of an agreement late on Friday, only for Ryan to inform his counterparts in the Senate that House Republicans would not agree to it.

AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Ryan, insisted in an email the speaker and McConnell had been “in communication and full agreement throughout”.

The Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Casey said Republicans had ceded their negotiating position to a bloc of hardline House conservatives.

“I was not elected to genuflect to the Freedom Caucus,” Casey said, before walking to the floor to vote down the funding measure that passed the House on Thursday.

People participate in the second annual Women’s March in Washington. Photograph: Aaron P Bernstein/Reuters

By Saturday morning, it appeared the White House had calculated that the Democrats had made themselves vulnerable to blame.
The federal workers facing an unpaid furlough: 'We're being used as pawns'
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In a CNN poll, 31% blamed Democrats for the shutdown, 26% blamed Republicans and 21% held Trump responsible. Although there is broad support for protecting Dreamers, a majority thought it was more important to avoid a shutdown.

On Capitol Hill, there was some optimism. Emerging from a bipartisan meeting of around 20 senators, Graham said progress had made with McConnell agreeing to only a three-week funding bill and promising the Senate would address key issues.

However, citing his colleague Lamar Alexander, Graham said “shutting down the government as a negotiating tool is what chemical warfare is to war”.

Others who did not attended that meeting felt cautiously hopeful. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat, said there was “certainly a real possibility [of a deal] if there’s good faith on both sides”.

In his view, Friday night saw “the first real serious negotiations about this [spending bill] which only happened because of the vote result”.

Dan Sullivan, an Alaska Republican, said Democrats “may have wanted to bring out their Trump posters for a couple of days, show their extreme elements of the party that they were with them”.

Trump’s presidential campaign released a new ad – which claimed Democrats were “complicit in all murders by illegal immigrants”.

Source:The Guardian (UK)
Breaking :Gunmen Attack Afghan Intercontinental Hotel,Five Killed So Far

Breaking :Gunmen Attack Afghan Intercontinental Hotel,Five Killed So Far

Afghan special forces have stormed the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul to try to flush out gunmen who attacked the building, killing five people and reportedly taking hostages.

As dawn broke on Sunday, thick clouds of black smoke could be seen pouring from the hotel. Several armoured US military vehicles with heavy machine guns could be seen close to the hotel along with Afghan police units.

Television pictures also showed special forces troops manoeuvering on the roof as they conducted a floor-by-floor search of the six-storey building to find the attackers.

Several people could be seen climbing over a top-floor balcony using bedsheets to escape, with one losing his grip and plunging to the ground.

Black smoke rises from the Intercontinental hotel after an attack in Kabul.

Black smoke rises from the Intercontinental hotel after an attack in Kabul. Photograph: Rahmat Gul/AP

Officials said at least two of the insurgents were dead but at least one was still on the loose. They had killed at least five people in the attack and injured several more.

“Five Afghans are dead,” interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told reporters near the hotel.

The gang reportedly also took hostages from among staff and guests, and set the building ablaze. Danish said 100 hostages, including 16 foreigners, had been released.

The militants, including at least one suicide bomber, launched the attack at about 9pm local time on Saturday, security officials said.

A witness said some foreigners were among the hotel guests but it was not clear what their nationalities were.

The hotel had been due to host an information technology conference on Sunday and more than 100 IT managers and engineers were onsite when the attack took place, Ahmad Waheed, an official at the telecommunications ministry, said.

The gunmen had entered the hotel through a kitchen door to evade heavy security at the front, local news reports said.
Afghan security forces

Afghan security forces keeping watch near the Intercontinental hotel on Saturday. Photograph: Mohammad Ismail/Reuters

“We are hiding in our rooms – I beg the security forces to rescue us as soon as possible before they reach and kill us,” one guest told AFP at the start of the attack. “I can hear gunfire from somewhere near the first floor.”

Two guests at the hotel confirmed that the militants attacked when they were eating, and that people in the dining room had attempted to flee. Ahsan Ali told the Observer: “People ran to their rooms and locked themselves in – it was a dreadful scene.”

It was the latest major blow to security in the Afghan capital, which has been reeling from a string of bloody attacks by both Taliban and Isis militants.

In May last year a huge truck bomb devastated part of the diplomatic quarter, killing about 150 people and wounding about 400 others.

The most recent major attack was on 29 December, when a suicide bomber targeted a Shia cultural centre, killing more than 40 people.
The Intercontinental hotel in Kabul.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on the Intercontinental, which came just two days after the US embassy put out a warning that militants might be planning to target hotels in the city.

The blaze on the top floors of the hilltop complex could be seen from across the city. Commando forces were sent in, and electricity was cut soon after the attack began, amid fears that guests had been taken hostage.

Hotel manager Ahmad Haris Nayab, who managed to escape unhurt, told Reuters people were fleeing amid bursts of gunfire on all sides.

One of the most famous buildings in Kabul, the Intercontinental was a playground for the city’s elite when it opened in 1969, with parties around the swimming pool and weddings in its halls.

It was later a base for foreign journalists during the civil war that followed the Russian withdrawal, then during the period of Taliban rule and the US-led invasion in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on America. In 2011 was targeted by the Taliban in an attack that killed 21 people.

Two Nigerians Killed In Fresh South African Xenophobic Attacks

Two Nigerians Killed In Fresh South African Xenophobic Attacks

Two Nigerians including 27- year -old  Ebuka Okori, have been killed in South Africa the Nigerian community in South Africa said.

Okori hailed from Umunze in Orumba North Local Government of Anambra State, Chairman, Nigerian Union chapter in Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa, Bartholomew Eziagulu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) by  telephone yesterday.

The indentity of the second victim was unknown at press time, but the President of the Nigerian Union of South Africa, Mr. Adetola Olubajo said he was killed in Rustenburg.

A mob also destroyed four shops and several houses belonging to Nigerians at Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg.

Eziagulu said that an eyewitness informed the union that two police officers in mufti forcefully gained access to Okori’s house at Campbell Street in Durban at on Friday.

According to him, the officers demanded money from Okori.

He said: “When he refused, he was handcuffed, taken outside and shot dead. The officers took away his cell phone, e-passport and other valuable documents.

“The relative of the victim was tortured and robbed of his belongings while a third victim, a South African,  was also robbed.”

Eziagulu said that the Okori`s  brother escaped from the house and called for help.

“The Metro Police around the vicinity swiftly intervened and picked the vehicle number of the assailants,” he said.

Eziagulu said that police detectives and another special police team which investigates complaints against their colleagues are assisting to arrest the culprits.

“So far I must appreciate the effort of the SAPS detectives, Metro Police and the IPID team, there were fantastic at service, so much cooperation, never seen before.

“The station of the culprits has been directed for immediate arrest, while one of them already requested for sick leave ,the other still at large”, he said.

President of the Nigerian Union in South Africa, Adetola Olubajo, said that the national secretariat had been informed about the incident.

He said that the union was monitoring the situation and had informed the Nigerian Mission and the South African police.

Eziagulu in a statement also drew attention to the case of another Nigerian Ebuka Eziomwu , charged with  robbery.

The ward Chairman of the Nigerian Union at Krugersdrop, Mr.Cyril James, said the mob attacks started on Thursday following an allegation that a Nigerian abducted a South African girl and raped her.

He said: “The South Africans attacked our homes and shops, destroyed all we have. Many Nigerians suffered severe injuries during the attack. We have left our homes for safety because they (South Africans) are regrouping to attack us again.”

James urged the Nigerian mission to urgently intervene before the mob kills more  Nigerians. According to him, the safety of Nigerians in Krugersdorp is no more guaranteed because there is no help.

Olubajo said that the situation in the area was bad.

“I can confirm that Nigerians in the area have been attacked. I am amazed and emotionally down as calls from panicked Nigerians flooded my phone from various Provinces.

“The South African government needs to be engaged at the highest level to avoid further loss of lives and property of our citizens,” he said.

Olubajo said that two Nigerians had been killed in South Africa in Rustenburg and Durban since the attacks began.

“Two Nigerians have been killed, many displaced and injured in fresh Xenophobic attacks and extra-judicial killing,” he said.

Two weeks ago, more than five Nigerian owned shops and houses were burnt at Rustenburg, North West Province by Taxi Drivers.

The drivers alleged that Nigerians sold drugs to a gang that attacked their members and that a Nigerian abducted and raped a 16-year old South African girl.

The union denied the allegations.

“After our investigation, no Nigerian has been arrested for the rape or drug offence. The allegations are false and spurious, ” the union said.
CKN News Newspaper Headlines...Sunday 21st January 2018

CKN News Newspaper Headlines...Sunday 21st January 2018

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US Jury Finds Nigerian Guilty For Stabbing Fiancee To Death 30 Times In Texas

US Jury Finds Nigerian Guilty For Stabbing Fiancee To Death 30 Times In Texas

A US court in Fort Bend County, Houston, Texas, has convicted a Nigerian, Osa Alohaneke, for the 2015 stabbing to death of his fiancée.

A jury found him guilty on Friday of the slaying of Evelyne Ebane Epiepang.

The jury is yet to determine his sentence.

Alohaneke, 59, looked down and showed no emotion when the verdict was read in court.

Prosecutors alleged that Alohaneke used a kitchen knife to attack Epiepang, 52, his fiancée and her friend, Veronica Taku.

Alohaneke, who was living at the time in a section of southwest Houston that lies in Fort Bend County, was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Jurors acquitted Alohaneke of the assault charges.

Epiepang was stabbed more than 30 times and died as she called 911 operators for help.

Screams echoed in the courtroom for more than four minutes when prosecutors played the 911 call for jurors last week.

When police arrived, Alohaneke was on the phone with an attorney, his hands covered in blood.

Blood was splatted on his arms up to his elbows, Assistant District Attorney Amanda Bolin told jurors during her closing arguments.

“His mission was pain and devastation and he accomplished his mission,” Bolin said.

Defense attorney Eric Ashford pointed to what he said were weaknesses in the case against Alohaneke, many of which he alleged were caused by a haphazard investigation by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

“Was this case taken seriously by investigators? They didn’t even do the forensic analysis needed to determine the murder weapon,” Ashford told jurors.

Ashford told jurors that detectives took several knives from the scene but that no testing was done to figure out which was used in the killing.

In addition, the attorney said, detectives took Alahoneke’s clothes when he was arrested but never tested them for blood or DNA.

Neither were fingernail scrapings were taken from the victim.

Also, he noted that detectives took Alahoneke’s phone but that jurors were never shown text messages as proof he was involved in the attack.

Ashford also attacked the credibility of Taku, the only witness to the killing. She had testified she saw Alohaneke “turn white like a ghost after the murder”.

“This could have been a hallucination,” Ashford told jurors.

“But did detectives investigate Taku’s mental status? No, during testimony they said they didn’t think it was important.”

Jurors now begin the penalty phase. Alohaneke faces a sentence of up to life in prison.
Help Comes The Way Of Duped Ex Eagles Star Wilson Oruma

Help Comes The Way Of Duped Ex Eagles Star Wilson Oruma

Sports Broadcaster Godwin Enakhena wrote WILSON ORUMA IS DOING FINE

"About three weeks ago, the plight of Wilson Oruma was brought to my attention through pictures of him posted roaming the streets of Lagos by former AFN President, Mr Dan Ngerem.

Pronto, I set up a committee of like minds that included Mr Ngerem and a few other friends through Family United By Sports (FUBS), the whatsapp platform that I am privileged to administer to see how we could assist him. We got in touch with his family, the NFF and a few others.

I as write this, Wilson is enjoying the best of medical attention in a private hospital in Lagos courtesy his family. It is no longer news that he was duped through friends he trusted to the tune of over N2billion or even more. This led to depression because he lost all his life savings. Any man would’ve been depressed.

Meanwhile, the NFF through its president, Pinnick Amaju using his personal Foundation has stepped in and plans were on as at Wednesday to move him to a better and bigger hospital with specialist doctors assigned to him, one is from Europe. Also, the NFF will have an award ceremony in a few days and Wilson will play a big role during the event. Truth is, he’s fine and relating well with everyone. Come June, this year, Wilson will be going to the World Cup in Russia as an Ambassador of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

I enjoin all to thank Pinnick and his 1st Vice President, Barr Seyi Akinwunmi who has visited Wilson in hospital many times and the reports have been very encouraging.

Good news is that Wilson Oruma is responding to treatment very well.

Once again, the family is pleading with Nigerians not to give money to anybody or group of persons in the name of supporting Wilson Oruma because he doesn’t need money at this point but medical attention and our prayers.

The family has also distanced itself from a charity game planned by some people to raise money for him. This according to Dominic Oruma, is part of the plans by same people who ripped him off to continue to make money for themselves.

FUBS is in constant touch with the family through Dominic, this is aside his elder brother who Pinnick had meetings with in England and speaks to regularly.".