Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Daughter ,Mum Die While Travelling For Her Wedding

A woman,late deaconess Juliana Wagoha and her daughter identified as Dr Elizabeth Ihuoma Wagoha ,died tragically leaving their family and friends in lament ,.The 49 yr old woman was said to be traveling with her 25 yr old daughter from their base at port Harcourt ,Rivers state to Onitsha in order to get some things for her ( daughter's) wedding meant to take place two weeks ago before tragedy struck..Both mom and daughter died died in a fatal accident ..Their burial arrangements have been concluded as they are to be laid to rest on Friday ,Dec 22..May their souls rest in peace ....Read what Chinyeaka Jane shared below ...May this never be our portion ,in our season of celebration ..She was just 49, a registrar in a university,..her first child /daughter was already a medical doctor at 25..And about to get married ..Invitations have gone out and they were just waiting for the great day which never came ..The marriage was to take place 2weeks ago ..mom and daughter left base pH to Onitsha to get souvenirs /stuffs for the wedding and that was it !.Death struck !.. My heart goes out to the families ..How would one begin to console them ?.. What would you say to the man who lost the young wife  and a daughter? Or the children or the young girl's husband ..OMG!!!, Life and Death ... My people ,just before you brag and boast and threaten others ,remember that this life is so transient ,so fleeting and ephemeral .  Before you complain of all the things you couldn't get ,remember that being alive is a privilege ..I'm just imagining the feeling in their house holds now..The man of the house and the bridegroom of the dead lady will still not have recovered from this shock ,if they will ever ..SAD..Rest in peace mother and child ...At least you won't have any more worries again ..My condolence to the family ...May God give you and your entire family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss ."

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