Saturday, 7 October 2017

Bode George etc Are Political Jokers...APC Chieftain

Chairman of the APC in Lagos state, Henry Ajomale, says some candidates vying for the chairmanship position of the PDP are dreamers.

Ajomale described Bode George, Ishola Filani, and Charles Remi Akitoye as political jokers and comedians for saying the PDP would defeat the APC in the 2019 general election.

He urged Nigerians not to take them seriously.

"These three men are day dreamers. In other climes, people like Bode George, Filani and Akitoye would dare not open their mouths in view of monumental damage done to Nigeria in all facets of our socio economic lives by their political party, PDP,” he said.

"PDP was in power for 15 years, but those years were years of waste for Nigeria. Under PDP, Nigeria almost became a failed state, 15 years of PDP in power were years of monumental corruption and waste.

To this end, Ajomale said Nigerians should be wary of the PDP as, according to him, the party has nothing to offer.

"Those years were years of locust. PDP virtually destroyed Nigeria. People like George, Filani and Akitoye think Nigerians have short memory. They should forget it. Their party can never taste political power in Nigeria again. Never"

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