Friday, 22 September 2017

Flood Renders Hundreds Homeless In Imo

Several residents of Owerri in Imo State have been displaced after a downpour that reportedly lasted 12 hours flooded the state capital and neighbouring towns.

Reports say many houses, cars and other property were taken over by flood.
The downpour is reported to have covered major roads, which include Okigwe, Douglas, Mbari, Egbu Wethdral, Orlu, Port Harcourt and Ikenegbu, Orji, Federal Housing Estate, World Bank, Akwakuma and Works Layout.

In one of the affected areas on Orji street, victims were seen struggling to salvage some property that had been trapped in the flood.
It was also reports that three houses, including a church, Overcomers Christian Mission, were submerged by water.
“We have lost all our property, including money and vital documents. If not for the grace of God, my five children would have died,” one of the victims, Chibunna Michael, told the paper.

"The flood brought down two perimeter fences, entered our house and swallowed it. We were awoken from sleep by the rampaging flood, which took over all the rooms. It was at that point that we rescued the children, who were asleep. Our electronics, chairs and other property, were damaged. I came out with nothing. I don’t have a dime on me as I speak with you.”

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