Sunday, 17 September 2017

EXCLUSIVE: I Am Not Dating Toyin Abraham - Yomi Fabiyi

Few days ago, there were reports in the media, that one of Nollywood's most creative and hard working producer and actor, Yomi Fabiyi was in a relationship with his long time colleague and best friend, Toyin Abraham, who is also another successful movie maker cum actress.

CKN News got in touch with Yomi Fabiyi, who was still legally married to a London base activist. According to Yomi, Toyin is just a friend and nothing more, adding that, the relationship between them, is mutual, professional and nothing intimate as been speculated.

"My brother, I honestly don't know what to say, my publicist has released an official statement, and I think the statement answers it all, Toyin is just a friend, and will remain one, no matter the tactic of haters, they can't ruin our friendship Thank you" Yomi told CKN News Assistant editor on phone.

Below is an official statement, made available to our correspondent,

"I am under common sense obligation to refute current perceptions which seems like a dating of sort has ignited between Toyin Aimakhu-Abraham & myself. We are NOT.

Without much ado, it is important we all consider the status quo and by whatever means not cross that line yet. Our individual PUBLIC DISPLAY of AFFECTION(PDA) via our social media pages are commensurate to what we share in private but please note, it is nothing beyond FRIENDSHIP-LOVE.

I am overwhelmed by the return of love and public acceptance especially by @toyintitans_ and YOMI FABIYI CULTS. We have both shown what loyalty truly means. The biggest cult is friendship. And there is nothing like HALF-LOYALTY.

All I am trying to show Toyin is that as her friend, if she is crying and needed someone to cry with her I will be there. If she needed a shoulder I am available. Our PDA are attempts aimed at many positives. The efficacy of such on my part is to re-focus her towards finding love and happiness again from all options, she is good to go for any man. It is her right to derive joy where she has once sowed love, still sowing or may wish to sow seed of love.

As for me, I am creeping gradually back into bachelorhood and there is therefore the need to find love again and be with who truly loves and want me. You can start a journey if you are going alone but if you got a company, you will have to wait until the other is ready.

I am of the strong opinion that love is like a lottery, you seldom win it without a bit luck. To whoever will rule supreme in my heart again, you will have to prove you merit it if you haven't but will also need a bit of luck( I gat to hype myself ke). If you never attempt a game of lottery, how do you become a lucky winner? The only cure for ailing love is love.

Finally, we are not throwing caution into the wind. My lovely @toyintitans_ you showed me enormous love & I am wowed, I am indebted to you guys forever. It is crystal clear we all have a common goal. YOMI FABIYI CULTS I AM GRATEFUL. Whatever turns out to be our individual or collective choices, please accept it & be rest assured, they are decisions made in good faith of love & quest for happiness. Everything is about time the

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