Thursday, 3 August 2017

Police Parades Another 40 Kidnappers Captured Along Abuja Kaduna Expressway

The deployment of the Operation Absolute Sanity personnel by the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni to tackle the cases of Kidnappings in the recent times on Abuja-Kaduna Highway have been yielding positive results. 

The operations, comprises Special Police Force, Police Mobile Force, Counter Terrorism Squad, Anti-Kidnapping Units, Intelligence Response Team, Special Tactical Squad, the Force Intelligence Branch with Headquarters at Rijanah, Kaduna State. 

The Joint Police Team are under strict mandate to rout out the kidnap for ransom gangs and armed robbery gangs that have been terrorizing the Abuja-Kaduna Highway in the recent times.  The operation is to complement and augment the on-going Joint Police/Military operations on the ground.

After the arrest and parade of thirty two (32) suspected kidnappers and their caches of Arms and ammunition on the 31st of July, 2017 at kateri on Abuja-Kaduna Highway, further efforts intensified by the Police personnel of Operation Absolute Sanity in the last few days resulted in the arrest of additional forty (40) suspects and recovery of large caches of arms and ammunition, and other exhibits listed above in Rijanah area and other locations along Abuja-Kaduna Highway.

The identified kidnappers’ dens, hideouts, camps and other black spots in the forest along Abuja-Kaduna Highway were stormed and raided by the personnel of Operation Absolute Sanity within the last few days and in the process three (3) victims (names withheld) were rescued unhurt from the gangs  without payment of any ransom, and they have been reunited with their families. 

Some of the victims have identified most of the suspects as the people that kidnapped them. 

All the suspects confessed to the crime and admitted to the various criminal roles they played in the commission of the crimes.  They will all be arraigned in court on completion of investigation,

The Inspector General of Police, hereby wishes to express deep appreciation and gratitude to the communities and people in the towns and villages along Abuja –Kaduna Highway for their cooperation and support being given to the Police personnel deployed in the Operation Absolute Sanity that have led to so many successes in the ongoing Operations. He therefore, implored travellers and other road users to support the Police personnel in the discharge of their responsibilities.

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