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Creative and talented singer, Harrysong's career is a perfect example of how determination and all-out grind can take you from nothing to the top of the heap. 

The ex five star act and currently an ambassador of AlterPlate, speaks to Abiola Alaba Peters of CKN News, on his pushing his brand musically and what he is planning to give to his fans with his new label.

What do you have to say to Nigerians and your fans during this holiday?

I'll wish Nigerians a happy holiday and also urge Nigerians to work very hard and been independently independent. times are hard, no doubt, we can always trust God for his Grace.

Now that AltaPlate has officially been launched, what is the next thing?

Alterplate music company is launched officially,next level is content production,in proving what the platform alterplate is really and truly about. already, you must have been seeing that, we are not here to play. AlterPlate is here to stay, do the business of music, while our fans are entertain. 

What should your fans expect from you?

Expect the best from me,and also expect to see and feel versatility in its full picture. 

Any plans for an Album this year?

Yes I will drop an album this year but not too sure when

Still on the album, what is Mr song giving his fans?

I'll try my best to give them best on the album,the team is really working hard to make sure we 've one of the best albums this year

Names of producers to watch out for on the album?

We sure have a lot of hands on deck working on the album, Del B, Pastor Sam, Twinsbeatz and many more

What inspired your current song Aranbanko?

You all know what the brand, Harrysong stands for me, even from my days of I'm in love and all. I do music that stands out. Aranbanko was inspired by a random listening session of our old and new vibes

What inspired your song writing skills?

It's depends on what's inspiring me and what's trending at that moment, I write to that direction
Your energy on stage is always electrifying, what is the secret?

No special secret, I just prepare for every performance like it's my last, plus I walkout. God has been faithful.

What do you think can make an artiste fail?

Too many things can make a musician fail, laziness  blank vission among others unnecessary elements.

Aside you sir, do we have any other artists signed to Alterplate?

Yes I have three artists signed under alterplate music 

What is or that thing that stands Alterplate out?

Alterplate music is different because of our sound definition

Over the years, you've been a man of great substance to the industry, what is that thing that stands Mr song out from the crowd?

I work smart and I pray.thats all

What is it people really don't know about you?

I really can't say, that this is what people don't know about me, because, almost everything they needed to know about me is out there in the media. I don't know what they don't know about me o,everything about me is out there o my dear

Who are those you look up to, musically and why?

Fela anikolakpo kuti, Reslorsen and Tuface idibia, all because of their legacy and inspiration. Thank You Mr Abiola

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