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Light skinned and sultry beauty, Dayo Amusa is one of the Yoruba superstar actress, who has grace our screen for sometimes. CKN News deputy editor, Abiola Alaba Peters recently cornered the producer of "Pathetic" and "Women Arise" crooner, for a short time out. She gives an insight into what inform her music career.

Music seems to be taking so much of you, are you leaving movie for the mic?

I think I have answered this question before, but the truth is that, I am not leaving movie for music,, though I love music, but then, I’m an actress, I’m a producer, I’m a singer and an entertainer, so, I am not leaving music for movie, neither are my leaving music for movies, I guess everything is just working hand in hand, maybe you probably not been looking, I have been working.

Which among the two, do you think is time consuming or easy to execute?

You know movie has a lot of planning in it, the preproduction and postproduction stage before you drop it out for people to see with the hype and all, basically, movie is time consuming compare to that of music. Music is inspirational, you don’t have to get up and say I want to go and sing, you know, its just comes, you could be sitting, and maybe thinking, before you know it, you are humming to something and then you can even write it out on your phone so you don’t forget and then later jump into the studio and put something down.

Musically, how is your writing skills?

Well, thank God. you the listeners should be the judge. Alot of times, I have been asked if I write the lyrics for my songs and I said Yes! and that's the truth. I write my songs, but I hope to work with someone, but then, I write my music. I write a lot, so putting up lyric for me isn’t a hard thing, I read a lot, and I write a lot as well.

Which sells more for you, movie or music?

For me, I think I am appreciated in both, because those that loves me as an actress, still loves me as a singer and then, those that really don’t like me as an actress, end up liking me as a singer, so I wouldn’t say its movie or music, I will just thank everybody for being a good supporter and follower.

Some of your colleagues have tried music failed, what do you think you could do specially?

Well, everybody has reasons for doing whatever they are doing, as far as I am concern, the reason why I am doing what I am doing is because that is what makes me happy not because of the benefit I want to get from it because as far as I am concern, I am the one that is still spending because I am not getting anything from what I am doing, I’m just having fun with it.

So you are just doing it for the fun of it?

Well, I love what I am doing, if anything good comes out of it, fine and I will grab it and embrace it, but it is not like I am set out to say I want to start doing music and selling it par say, no, I started it as something I love doing and I have been doing it way back when, so, when I release my movie. “Unforgivable”  I did a sound track for it and shot the video, and then I realize that people kind of liked it and they were like oh, so Dayo you can do this which of cause I know it is what I can do but I wasn’t really paying so much attention to it, but when I realized that my fans and followers loved it, I just felt like, fine, why not I just try it out,  for now, I am not even talking about monetization, it’s just the fact that I love what I am doing.

Who are the producers you have work with?

I have worked with two already, that is Sam Jazzy and Obodo. Sam Jazzy did the beat for Aye Mi the original version and Da Beat did the remix of Aye Mi, Obodo did one for me and some other jobs, so, so far, those are the three producers I have worked with.

What make you different from any other musician?

I do not see Dayo Amusa as one that has that music ground yet in the music settings, if you are talking about movies, I can agree with you, but for music, I don’t think I have really gotten that stand yet, and it’s not like I’m coming into it to seek for a stand or so, but those that have been in the game, of cause I give it to them and I respect their individual effort, like I said, I am just doing my music for fun, I am not competing with anybody.

Have you been embarrassed while performing?

No, not at all, as a matter of fact, at any point in time where I go to perform at any function, I really appreciate my fans, it’s been encouraging, the love I get is overwhelming, I have never had any reason to want to regret going into music.

What kind of music do you do?

Just like I said earlier, I am a versatile person, I don’t see myself as somebody that is subjected to one kind of music, I think the way it comes, is the way I drop it. I do all kind of music.

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