Saturday, 5 August 2017

CKN News 180 Seconds With Bryan Okwara (Interview)

Referred to as the lady's man, light skinned handsome Bryan Ikenna Okwara is an America-born Nigerian supermodel. Bryan who has graced the cover of many international and local magazines, recently opened up to CKN News Asst.Editor, Abiola Alaba Peters on what it feels to be a superstar actor and model, among other personal things.

How has the year been for you?
Oh! The year has been great, blessed. I bless God, it's been well, I have been busy all through, projects have been rolling out. I have been working basically.
Modeling or movies; which would you prefer?
Wow! modeling or movies, which would I prefer, I will say...the thing is, I don't know. I will take which ever one that comes, be it movies or modeling, I love challenges.I will take it as it comes, what ever I am challenged with,  so I can't really say, it's all work.
What if you are in a situation, where you have to make a choice between the two?
Yeah! because modeling has a shorter range of work system, it is more convenient to model. when you are on set and you are working as an actor. it's not that convenient because you have to work for weeks, if not months. it's all base on passion, the love you have for your work, for me, I love both. I enjoy both, so I really don't complain.
What kind of movie will Bryan not featured in?
it's a movie, you are suppose to be playing different characters. I just won't play characters that I am not use to, childish characters. I mean characters that are not challenging to me, you won't see me playing it.
Why are your fans yet to see you in the regular epic movies, especially the Asaba movies?
Because they don't premiere it, and because you don't see them in cinemas, that is why. the thing is I have done such movies. I don't do movies that are below standard.
Are you saying, you can not feature in a movie that's not Premeier?
What I am saying is, I have shot those kind of movies, you haven't seen them simply because they are yet to be Premeier or taken to the cinemas. so when they are, you will sure see them.
When is Bryan getting married, when should your fans expect a wedding Bell?
LAUGHS! well, I think everybody who is destine to be a man will one day find a woman to start a family with. Every reasonable man sure want to have a family, enjoys themselves and all. you know, it's a God's calling, when it happens, it's happens. I am just going with the flow.
We know Bryan, we know his dread, what would made you take off your dread?
Oh well, I don't know, I guess the same decision that made me wear it might as well make me take it off. life is all about choices and decisions. I made the decision to put it on.
Can you take it off for the sake of love?
Love you say! you too hear for yourself na, love. anyway, it's not everybody that finds love, but if anybody finds it, he or she has found a good thing. if we choose to do any thing crazy for love, I think it's fine, it's allow.
Or are you scared of what you will look like?
Not at all, why would I be, a man's most valuable asset is his confident. so confident is what I look out for.
Relationship on social media, what is your take on it?
To a very friendly and inspiring extent, you don’t put everything out there, and when you do, you are giving some people the wrong idea. So basically, you have to put out a lot to inspire people as to what you are getting into, because not everybody has the formulae to get married and stay in it. Thank you.

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