Monday, 21 August 2017

Cabinet's Reshuffle Is Long Overdue - Gov. Rochas

As many await President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech on this morning, the Chairman of the APC Governors Forum Rochas Okorocha has been speaking on what his expectations are following the President's return from the UK.

President Buhari returned to Nigeria on Saturday evening after 103 days in the UK where he was undergoing medical treatment.

While there are speculations over what his next line of action would be following his return, some have said the president would have to reshuffle his cabinet in order to be able to fulfill the mandate of his administration.

When asked if the president would reshuffle his cabinet, Governor Okorocha said: “It is long overdue" He made this known during an interview on Channels yesterday on "Sunday Politics".

Furthermore, he expressed hope that with President Buhari’s return, there would be a change in the entire administrative process of his government adding that the President would fulfill all his promises to Nigerians.

The return of Mr President is good news to all Nigerians and not just the APC and we must always remember that President Muhammed Buhari is a president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so we all thank God for his safe arrival and that he is in good health and we pray that God will grant him the wisdom with which to carry out the affairs of this nation.

"It is true that while he was away Nigerians were full of expectation but thank God we had a very very wonderful Vice President who filled in the gap so there was no vacuum as to when the President was away but what is important now is that you must know that being the President, being the commander in Chief, Nigerians are expecting something g new really really fast. They want to see what is new, what has he brought back from London and let me just say anytime a leader is out of his country, he seems to see things better and judge things from a better perspective.”

He added that with the President’s return, the fight against corruption and insurgency should be heightened.

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