Friday, 4 August 2017

Be Extraordinary In Your Service To Others - Popular Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Popular Nigerian actor,  Yomi Fabiyi has once again bare his mind on some of the controversies that surround his person and brand.

 In a chat with CKN News, Yomi describe himself as a selfless personality, whose aims and objectives in life is to serve humanity with all diligent and loyalty, adding that, while he is been misunderstood, he is not discouraged to serve.

"You are not CUT OFF, It is just a "CUT BACK". When you are alive, be watchful and always remember yourself at your own funeral. 

When you are alive, for some reasons, people may show you love and support, perhaps when you are not down and if down but notice you can still rise by yourself. Only few people will help you with HOPE, when you yourself have lost hope. Only few!

You can only measure people's love and loyalty to you when it is apparently obvious you are weak to stand by yourself, owing to sickness, stormy trials or death. Give your life to some, including your children, they may find it hard to raise a finger or put their lives on the line to ensure you rise again or give you the deserving respect with rites at funeral. 

Proper and befitting burial is what every human deserves except for lack of funds or in event of war. Mass or Mono Burial, if it lacks opportunity of last respect from loved ones, it is ache to the dead. If you welcome me to this earth as a baby, why finding it hard to bid me farewell properly as an adult, won't you miss me, sure you know I will leave someday?

You may have 10million friends, 10 thousand children, when dead and buried here on earth, 10years after, you may find it hard to get 10 visit to your tomb. Watch those that stand by you in small trials. Watch those that hide to stand by you in small issue. 

How many will remember or look for your tomb or name after 10years. I have seen stars buried like strangers. Where will you die, who will bury you?

Life is not LIVED if it is not lived for others. Be extra ordinary in service to others(dead or alive), be generous in forgiveness, never hurt anyone openly or secretly, be honest in your dealings and keep a clear conscience on any matter even if it seems no one understands you, be humble and apply common sense always, never pay loyalty with disloyalty, good with evil. You have then "LIVED A GOOD LIFE". 

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