Saturday, 26 August 2017

3 Killed In Owerri Market Demolition As MOBIN Condemns Killings

About three people including a ten year old boy were killed today when the Imo State Government demilished the Ekeukwu Market situated in Owerri,the State capital

Meanwhile,The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) condemns the demonic killing  of Owerri indigenes by security officers  armed by the Imo State government to carry out this evil.

Owerri people rose with one voice last night to condemn the order given by the government of Rochas Okorocha to destroy the Eke Ukwu market.  This morning, security operatives barricaded the market, shooting direct on the citizens who came out to ask why their hard earned wealth will be destroyed because one man who got to power through deceit said so.

They mowed down the market with catarpillars, destroying buildings and goods belonging to people. Children and women have always been the target of these people in Biafra land.

MOBIN is saddened by this incident and is asking why a mere mortal like Governor  Okorocha will be exercising such totalitarian tendencies against Imo people. Biafrans have come under attack again from the same man who initiated attacks against our people when he became governor. 

MOBIN is hereby sending out this warning to Governor Okorocha and Imo State Government -it will no longer be business as usual. Biafrans have been killed and robbed enough by those pretending to be our brothers but serve their paymasters in other climes.

We are taking note of all your evils, and will take appropriate measures to ensure that none of you will go unpunished for any wrong against Biafrans and Biafra.

To all Biafrans out there, we say, 'be strong. Though evil tarry, it won't be for long. Those who dined with devil will not continue to hold our people down. We are rising,  and  we shall rise over you all very soon!'

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