Thursday, 13 July 2017


True to its reputation for releasing ‘spiritually sensational’ clips, Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel has unveiled yet another video purportedly showing a Nigerian woman vomiting a live insect during a prayer session.


The clip opens with T.B. Joshua leading congregants in a time of prayer before focusing on Miss Vivian Sunday who clutches her stomach next to a putrid pile of vomit.


Closer inspection reveals an insect within the mess, still alive and wriggling unnervingly across the church floor.


“As the evil spirit commanded it inside, the Spirit of God commands it out,” the cleric explained to the bewildered congregation, insisting it was no ordinary insect.


Proving his point, Vivian later shared a shocking life experience, detailing how she became a naïve victim of human trafficking under the premise of seeking greener pastures abroad.


According to her, she travelled by road from Delta State to Mali where she was forced into prostitution to pay back her traffickers.


With ‘business’ declining amidst worsening conditions, Vivian was pestered into visiting a local ‘witch-doctor’ who gave her a ‘charm’ to attract men.


However, with her health deteriorating, fellow prostitutes raised sufficient funds to transport her back to Nigeria where she decided to immediately visit Joshua’s church in Lagos for prayers.


After testifying that she was fully restored, the cleric gave the young lady N200,000 to start afresh in Nigeria as she had left her job and sold all her possessions to sponsor her travels.


The clip is a latest in a string of videos with a bizarre, supernatural edge released by Emmanuel TV on YouTube, which have proven both controversial and popular.


The channel boasts 560,000 subscribers and its videos have been viewed over 240 million times.


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Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelancer based in Lagos, Nigeria

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