Thursday, 6 July 2017


Former president Olusegun Obasanjo Wednesday in Kano dismissed agitation by some separatist group advocating for the division of Nigeria to tread the part of caution.

Chief Obasanjo said “Nigeria is a land of prosperity, a land where Nigerians must continue to learn from each other, live in peace and be their brothers keeper.”

The former president, who was in Kano to condoled with the state government and the people of Kano over the death of late Diplomat, Danmasanin Kano, Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule.

Obasanjo stated that “Nigeria is a country where everyone is a stakeholder, and I want to advised that the thought of a divisible Nigeria should disappear from the conscience such agitators”.

Obasanjo said “Nigerians need to learn from the maturity exhibited by Yusuf Maitama Sule, during his life time.”

He said he is bothered that the likes of Maitama Sule are rare saying, those existing among people of his mind set are few.

According to him, “an enumeration of existing true and exceptional and respected statesmen in the class of Maitama Sule are the likes Shehu Shagari, Sule Gaya and Richard Akinjide who are still alive”.

He said the death of Danmasanin is a loss to Nigerians, adding that ” we should condole one another over the loss.”

Chief Obasanjo further stated that the shoes left behind by the late Maitama is difficult to fill, urging Nigerians to emulate the deceased by rendering the type of services Nigeria benefited from him.
Obasanjo said “Danmasani left a shoe big enough to be filled, and I don’t know if there is anyone to filled that shoe for now”.

Chief Obasanjo said the voice of wisdom of late Danmasani who sees Nigeria from the perspectives of a united front should be the guiding principle for our youth”

The two term former President revealed that “when General Murtala Muhammad wanted somebody with a nationalist voice and acceptance to head the of the Public Complaints Commission he came to mind and late Maitama Sule was unanimously accepted and he did a wonderful job there.”

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