Monday, 17 July 2017


On July 1, 2017 at about 4.30pm in Ikom, Cross River state, Eddie Bekom  a sports journalist was in his living room when he perceived gas smell from a neighbors flat and was on his way to alert them but walked into an explosion that engulfed him and his apartment.

His family of 6 and a visiting inlaw (Eddie's wife's brothers wife) were trapped in an attempt to save a burning Eddie while also attempting to run through the fire in same direction. Of course, they couldn't see and choked in the process. They were badly burnt and were rushed to the hospital.

Problem started when a Neighbour thought she had ran out of gas after the burners didn't come on.

She opted for her kerosene stove but how she didn't perceive the heavy smell of gas like Eddie did before putting on the stove is still a mystery. Next thing was a loud bang and the whole house was on fire and Eddie walked into it. This woman and her family didn't suffer same degree of burns like Eddie and his family.

It was learnt from the Social Welfare Department of the hospital that Eddie's landlord and her son had dreamt about fire and he told all his tenants and warmed them to be careful of fire.

Also, Eddie's pastor who was at the hospital during the week narrated how Eddie called him one morning in panic about the dream he had about fire disaster in his house that wiped out his entire family. He said he prayed for him and assured him that all will be well.

Doctors have confirmed that the inlaw and one out of the two surviving daughters of Eddie are still on danger list but the last child known as Divine may be discharged soon.

 Eddie,his son and wife died as a result of the incident

Source:Godwin Enakhena

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