Saturday, 29 July 2017


The wife of the President ,Aisha Buhari has finally roared and there has been a lot of scattering in London, in apparent reaction to the Hyenas and Jackals .

Hajia Aisha has finally and firmly put her feet in the right boots and is stamping her authority on affairs concerning her husband. 

Contrary to the general belief in some quarters that the recent high profile visits to the President in London was organized by the cabals, CKN News have exclusively scooped that the visit was actually organized by the wife of the President herself to the chagrin of the cabals.

It was Madam Aisha that facilitated the meeting of the APC and the PDP governors to see President Buhari in London, the source told CKN News.

She also made sure that the visit was captured in pictures for all Nigerians to see that her husband is getting better, unlike the previous visits that were shrouded in secrecy.

Unlike before,CKN News gathered that the President who is almost hale and hearty, now receives visitors without  seeking the  permission of his powerful aide (name withheld) ,who arrange and screen those to see the President without the input of his wife.

CKN News also learnt that Contrary to reports by mischief makers who were trying to create a rift between the President and his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo for their selfish gain,the President of President so far has been really impressed with the performance of his Vice,his absence has even brought them much closer than people thought.

The President now more than ever before now delegates more powers to his Vice.This was exemplified when a certain minister who felt he was very close to the President tried to boycott the Ag President on certain decisions but to his greatest surprise, President Buhari refused to see him in London, he was asked to go back and meet the Ag President on the issue.

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