Wednesday, 28 June 2017


TV Personality and a former gubernatorial candidate in Edo State Dr Don Pedro Obaseki has criticized the Political docility of the people of the old Bendel State (Edo/Delta).

He made this in a message sent to CKN News.


Edo and Delta people (particularly Edo) are increasingly complacent of the goings-on in Nigeria geopolitically.

Sad as it obviously is, the Youth in particular see this "whole drama" like scenes on Telemundo or ZEE TV! They are more drawn to posting and reposting comic skits, gossips, Instagram likes, insulting each other on Social Media on who support which politician!

Our people are lost in a WAR of Laps, Boobs and Bedsheets (pardon my terms), while the entire nation unhinges! In fact, more conscious and conscientious nationalities around us Draw and Redraw new boundaries. Tears well up my eyes!

The Midwest/Bendel (Edo and Delta) peoples *MUST Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!* This is NO JOKE! We must BOND! With a Common Voice. *We must Rally internally as well with other "brothers" within the Niger-Delta/South-South.* It's the "PARABLE OF THE BROOM". Or else we will be snapped like BROOMSTICKs!

We must all brace ourselves for the realities of a *new structural dispensation.* There must be a *Structural Dismantling* of the current pseudo-Federal arrangement. *Deconstruct-To-Reconstruct!*
The Future of Our Children & their Children's Children are in our hands!

- Dr. Pedro Obaseki

*#UpBENDEL* #iRepTheMIDWEST #properBENDELpikin #SSS #SouthSouthSoja

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