Saturday, 17 June 2017


The lady and her husband putting on black top like her
The Head of Nigerian Police IRT unit that facilitated the arrest of Nigerian's most notorious kidnapper "Evans" Assistant Commissioner Of Police,Abba Kyari has shed more light on the involvement of the only lady arrested and paraded by the gang.

The lady ,who incidentally is the wife to one of the kingpin of the gang,accordingly to Abba Kyari "took care" of all the victims at her rented house in Igando in Lagos.

ACP Abba Kyari stated this while responding to a post on the Facebook wall of CKN News last night based on a question raised by Nigeria's foremost online media platform on whether it is possible ,for a woman not be fully aware of her husband's profession.

This is coming on the heel of the woman's denial during the parade when asked by CKN News if she was aware that her husband was a kidnapper.She vehemently denied that .

But read the response of ACP Abba Kyari who arrested and interogatted the gang.

" My brother (CKN), Evans gave her money to go and rent the house they will use as Detention Camp in Igando after he has given her the Specifications of a House that will be suitable, She went round and kept briefing Evans of her findings until they got the most Suitable house.

She posed as A woman who relocated from the East to Lagos on the instruction of her husband who is based abroad hence the landlord obliged and gave her the house on rent, Same house where Mr Donatus Dunu was kidnapped and held Captive in for 2 months before he escaped Miraculously because Evans Refused to Release him After Collecting 150m from Mr Dunu's family, He still insisted that they Should pay another 300m. Same Woman who is the Wife of Evans "Manager" because Evans called her Husband who is his longtime Friend and Gangmember, the Manger of his Detention Camp, She cooks in the House for her Husband "The Manager" and other Kidnappers and Victims and She collects her Share from every of the kidnapping directly From Evans. 

We don't Arrest or detain Wives because of Offenses committed by Husbands but when a Wife Participates in the Crime knowingly and collect her share directly from the Kingpin, She is deemed to be a Member of the Syndicate and will equally be Charged to court as Such."

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