Monday, 22 May 2017


In a bye election into the House of Representatives in Katsina State recently, it was reported that voters turned out en mass to express their anger and frustration, with majority of voters booting out the APC, the ruling party in the State, which is the home state of the President. This is not the issue.

For it will be self deception, for anybody to delude himself that the solution to Nigeria now is to change from APC to PDP. That is grand delusion indeed, of changing just the garment but retaining the person. We have seen the worse of PDP in times past and we have now seen the best of APC. Both are not good enough for Nigeria, because politicians are the same, at least in Nigeria. It is all about self interest, nothing more. The corruption of the APC govt, when it will be unearthed eventually, will be historical. Please mark my words.

The only difference in the APC misadventure is the active collusion of progressive lawyers, human rights and pro-democracy activists and labour leaders, not sparing the media.

In the past, especially under the military regimes and the renegade politicians (PDP in particular), activists stood tall as the conscience of the people, taking out the programmes of govt that were considered anti people. In the present dispensation, our "comrades", lawyers and labour leaders, journalists, etc, changed not only the lyrics but also the tune of all our familiar battle songs. Some even said that we should suspend the Constitution and the rule of law, in order to enthrone civilian dictatorship. We are now told that their counterparts in the military are now planning a coup. Thank God are eyes are now "open".

Let us not be deceived, to think that the solution to Nigeria is all about voting out APC. Far from it. Yes, we must rid Nigeria of this current army of bandits parading themselves as progressives, but never again shall we fall into the terrible hands of the PDP. Never again! Not in our lifetime!! Never!!!

Let our comrades come back home. They have failed Nigeria, but they should come back home to where they rightly belong, on the side of the suffering masses of our people. It is bad enough to be a corrupt politician, but it is certainly worse to be a hypocrite, buried deep in the pit of a so-called progressive government, that has only grabbed power just for the sake of it. 

Activists please come back home, speak for the people, organize, mobilize and take hold of Nigeria. Let us boot out this APC, but by all means fence off the PDP and take Nigeria back for our people.

Organize, mobilize and take over. Enough of APC and bye bye to PDP.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq.,
Itedo, Lekki, Lagos.

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