Sunday, 21 May 2017


Anambra State Government has reacted to the story making the rounds that the State Governor,Willie Obiano travelled to the US with 179 people for his daughter's graduation.

Read the Government's reaction:

After watching with horror, as what began like a cheap, despicable gossip on the social media slowly began to assume all the qualities of a serious propaganda, with some poorly informed politicians latching onto it to burnish their faded glory, we consider it necessary at this point to put a disclaimer on the story suggesting that the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano had travelled to the US with 179 people to be with his daughter on her Graduation Day.

This story is the worst lie ever told by a disappointingly unintelligent opposition and its propaganda machinery. The truth however is that Governor of travelled to his daughter's graduation alone. Anyone seen around him in the US travelled on their own.

It is totally incredulous to suggest that Governor Obiano who in all his three years in office has never travelled overseas with any of his closest aides would suddenly open the floodgates and travel with 179 people to a mere graduation in the US. It is even more ridiculous to believe that any governor of Anambra State (not a banana republic, mark you) would conceive of such an idea in the 21st Century.

When this unintelligent piece of propaganda floated onto the social media for the first time, we had decided not to put any weight on it because it came from the same stable of long discredited characters who had earlier published an immoral story claiming that the governor’s wife had died in the US. We had hoped that many people would dismiss it as one of the many futile attempts to find a chink in Governor Obiano’s armour.

It however became necessary to put a disclaimer on it when some gubernatorial aspirants who have no substance to sell of themselves began to anchor their campaign on such a preposterous gossip. It is disappointing to realise that these aspirants have no capacity to see the implausibility of the gossip they are hanging their efforts on.

Interestingly, anyone who has observed Governor Willie Obiano since he assumed office can testify that he has always done his overseas travels alone. None of his aides has ever accompanied him on any offshore trip because he is always mindful of the usual high expenditure that goes with overseas travels.

It is therefore totally untrue, false and offensive to claim that he travelled with 179 people to mark his daughter’s graduation in the US. We challenge anyone who has a contrary evidence to produce it.

Nevertheless, it would help to recall that since he assumed office, Governor Willie Obiano has chalked up an impressive record in integrity and transparency. Under his watch, Anambra State was rated the Most Transparent government in Nigeria in 2015 by the Federation Accounts Sub-Committee on International Public Sector Accounting System (IPSAS). Obiano is also a winner of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Award from the Ethics and Corporate Compliance Institute of Nigeria in 2015. He also won the Zik Prize for Good Governance in 2015. All these endorsements mean a lot to him.

Governor Obiano is fully aware of the weight of the responsibility placed on him by Ndi Anambra and the enormous expectations of the institutions that have decorated him with honour in the past three years.
Thank you
James EZE
SA,Media To Governor Willie Obiano

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