Friday, 26 May 2017


The system of killings perpetrated by supposed herdsmen in Esan land which began about two years ago appears unabating and this should worry Edolites from the governor to the peasants. It has turns a daily occurrences.

Notably, the most gruesome killings of two women by the herdsmen in Ewu, Edo central senatorial district of Edo state recently drawing anger from across the state. Despite the outrage over the activities of the herdsmen, however, there has been no recess on their part. Indeed, their blood-letting has continued to rise in frequency and intensity in the land. This is a dangerous trend that must be curbed with the arrest, prosecution and conviction of perpetrators and their sponsors.

Amidst the agony of the attacks, protesting youths were shot at by men of the Nigerian army operating in the area in ways most impunitious. Victims of these brutality still in the hospital. Again, in some part of Esan land, which had earlier been under attacks by the herdsmen was also subjected to a dawn raid by the herdsmen looking for the rich inhabitants to kidnap and subsequent demands for ransom before their release accordingly.

It is to be noted that the killings by the herdsmen have cumulatively rendered lives so cheap in esanland, thereby debasing our common humanity. What is more worrisome is the attitude of the government which is not only sinister but appears to give imprimatur to the carnage going on in the area.

The action of the Police Commissioner in Edo state, who refused to act to save lives allegedly for fear of partisanship or otherwise , lends credence to the point being made of official complicity in the prevailing mayhem.

Some salient facts why our plea to ban these herdsmen in Esan land are as follow:
*They are raping our wives, Sisters and Mothers.
*They are killing our people.
*They are destroying our farmlands and farms.
* They are robbing our people.
*They are kidnapping our people for ransom.
*Our security is threatened.
*The peace we have been enjoying in Esan is gradually being taken away by these terrorist disguising as herdsmen.
* We are tired of loosing our people to Fulani herdsmen.

If the herdsmen attacking esan people are not Nigerians as often said by those in authority, the duty then is for the government to provide security for its own people lest they are compelled to resort to self-help. Policing the area where these killings are taking place is an imperative, for the perception is growing that the herdsmen have state protection.

This is obviously dangerous, because perception is reality and people can act on the basis of that. The institutions of the state should turn new leaf in their attitude to tackling this clear and present danger to state and national security. It also needs be said that there is already a prospect of famine on account of the destruction of farm lands and security scare in farming communities in esanland.

It is indeed an affront on the sovereignty of the people. Cattle rearing is a private business and the entrepreneurs should purchase land from land-owning communities for ranching. Alternatively, state governments should build ranches and rent same to cattle owning businessmen who are in need.
I solemnly submit for peace and harmony among state inhabitants.

Source:  Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.

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