Friday, 28 April 2017


Ms Simi Dusu, a Jos-based business woman, noticed her little sister, Justina’s bulging physique and voiced out her fears.

The sister confirmed her suspicion. She was two months pregnant for one Stephen Luka, an unemployed resident of Tudun Wada, Jos. Justina told her sister that Luka had owned up to the pregnancy, but wanted an abortion. Simi was opposed to that and insisted on meeting Luka. 

At the meeting, Luka again claimed responsibility for the pregnancy. But he restated his desire for an abortion, which the two women promptly rejected.

To demonstrate her understanding of Luka’s situation, Simi told him that he would be relieved of the financial responsibility for the coming child. 

“I merely wanted to be sure of the man responsible for the pregnancy. If she delivers safely, we shall take the child to our mother and be responsible for the upkeep,” she reportedly told him. 

Angered by the rejection of his abortion request, Luka grabbed a machete and attacked the two women, killing Simi instantly.
Justina was also gravely injured, but she survived to deliver the unwanted baby a few weeks ago.
Luka is currently being tried by a Jos High Court over the incident

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