Sunday, 2 April 2017


The story of little David Adewale Oni is simple,  almost common. But the anguish, fears and helplessness of his parents are far from simple,  and certainly uncommon.

David will be 5 years old on June 8. And since he was 37 days old, the joy of the first-time parents (Oluwatosin & Abiodun) turned to sawdust when David was diagnosed with "hole in the heart" condition.

Unfortunately,  David's dad, Abiodun is a tricycle operator (Keke NAPEP). And mother, Tosin a petty trader.  Life!!!

So for over 4 years, it has been a massive struggle keeping the boy alive with expensive drugs and tests, seeking funds for a corrective surgery in India (with several millions of naira)... in this harsh economic climate! And hapless parents!

Here is where you and I come in... as angels of Hope.  We can help David Oni mend his heart and give his parents a lift in life. Last year, a Nigerian specialist hospital, Tristate Cardiovascular Associates (affiliated to Babcock University, Eruwon) offered to conduct the surgery and other logistics with at least N3m (instead of N5-7m needed for the Indian option).

So, we appeal on behalf of David Oni and his parents... Please join us to form a strong cord of palpable support that will bring succour, hope and love in saving this boy's life. Be an Angel of Hope NOW!

You can send your donation to his dedicated account:- David Adewale Oni; UBA - Account/N:  2095550772 (Ogba, Lagos). Please, add your full name(s), and optionally your email address.

As usual, details of the funding and surgery processes will be updated regularly (on Angel of Hope section of

For fuller details, his clinical report, etc, please click:

For more info,  you can reach David's Dad on: 0803 530 2826.

And Angel of Hope on: 08033150547.
Our Email:

God bless and replenish your love and gift. Amen. 

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