Friday, 21 April 2017


Dipo Famakinwa DG DAWN COMMISSION posted this on March 9th 2017.He died today.

"The year started for my colleagues and I on a high. Everything was running at a frenzy. Then close people started telling me that I was working too hard and needed to slow down. In my opinion, it's early in the year and not a good time for vacation.

I kept running at high steam, and then the conspiracy started. My wife managed to recruit my friend, who is also a colleague, and my Executive Assistant into the plot. Even my daughter!

They started making arrangements to send me away, without my knowledge. When my wife finally told me, I resisted. She put me under a lot of pressure, but I refused. My colleagues also did the same, I ignored them.

Then my wife reported the matter to my dad. My dad called me, and in his usual manner, calmly persuaded me to yield to the pressure. I honestly didn't have too much choice after the discussion with him. I relented. And everyone was happy.

Earlier today, I had to do the trip. Now I'm all by myself, ensconced in one bush, also called a resort, and the design is that I'd be here, just eating, sleeping and looking into the sky. For the first time in a long time, I watched a football match without any distractions at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The truth is we all really do need these occasional get-aways.

May we all live long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labour.".

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