Monday, 17 April 2017


The Ondo State Chapter of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO),the premier and most active Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in Nigeria,  in- collaboration with the entire Civil Rights Organisations in Ondo State, under the aegis of Coalition of Credible Civil Society Organisation (CCCSO), have vowed to use all available means to convinced Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to drop Prince Solagbade Amodeni and others with unscrupulous characters lobbying for political office in the state from being appointed.

The CLO and CCCSO in a joint letter sent to Gov.Akeredolu entitled “Beware of Politicians with Questionable Characters” advised that men like Amodeni who have a history of dishonourable and ignominious past should not be allowed to hold office.

This same letters which copies were also massively distributed to various arms of security agents in the country including the Police and the Offices of the Directorate of Security Services, DSS, the Nigerian Police Special Anti Fruad Units as well as some notable Anti-Corruptions Campaign Organisations.

CLO also claimed that the copies of the petition have equally been sent to the Speaker, Ondo State House of Assembly [ODHA],the All Progressive Congress, APC  National Chairman, Nigerian Union Of  Journalists [NUJ],Coalition of Community Newspapers Publishers [CCNP],Anti-Corruption Bloggers / Social Media Activists [ACBSMA],Oodua Peoples Congress [OPC],Nigerian Labour Congress,NLC and the National Associations of Nigerian Students.

The two Human Right Groups warned Akeredolu that he should not mess up the confidence the masses reposed on him by voting him into office through the appointment of unscrupulous politicians.
They reminded Akeredolu that “it more worrisome, it will be amount to an act of disservice to humanity for a government that ride to power on the threshold of Transparency, Accountability, Change and Equity, to appoint politicians with questionable characters who had failed different Litmus Tests carried out on them when in public offices to be paraded in our corridors of power, again”.

The group said they have done their independent in-depth appraisal on some frontline political figures aspiring for different Executive Positions who had in the past betrayed public trust .

Inside the letter, The group cited some top APC Leaders whom they claimed must not be trusted with public offices for their inglorious pasts.

The stated in the letter that “It is also expedient to make the following revelations on a frontline APC Leader from Akoko South East Local Government, Amodeni as one of those who should not be appointed to hold public office”

They noted that why they are narrowing our searchlight on Amodeni is not far-fetched from the truth that, his activities in recent times at his domain if not checked will be inimical or, erodes on that credibility and goodwill currently being enjoyed by the Akeredolu’s administration in the state.

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