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If Mr. Ozor Henry ever nursed any doubt that God answers prayers, the recent killing of Henry Chibueze (a.k.a Vampire) has surely erased that thought.

Since the daredevil kidnap kingpin stormed his house in Lagos on February 16, 2013, attempting to wipe out his family and which he eventually did, Ozor has never wished him well, but only death in the same way he lived. His prayer was for Chibueze to die by the sword.

Who would blame Ozor, considering the tragic scar that evil night visitation left on him and his family?

Still in shock four years later, Ozor, told Saturday Sun he could not believe that he would lose all his wealth and go into hiding to save his children from the prowling bloodthirsty outlaw who crossed his path by accident.

“He came into my home through my sister-in-law, Sandra. He was never my friend. The 16th of February made it four years he came to destabilise my house; my wife, Praise, had two weeks to be delivered of our baby and she died with the pregnancy; my 10- year- old daughter, Happiness, died in his hands; he killed Sandra and shot her twin, Hope, on her lap, he shot my other two children, Bethel and Victory, but they survived. He never knew two of my kids survived the attack,” Ozor recalled with painful nostalgia.

From that day Ozor, Bethel and Victory’s lives have not remained the same. Ozor sold off all his property to pay for the children’s treatment and went into hiding. They also became reclusive, shunning friendship with people. Ozor, who had also kept mum over his ordeal so as not to incense the Vampire the more and thus get him to come after him, while the hoodlum was still alive, however, felt a flood of relief and his tongue untied once again.

Ozor disclosed that Vampire murdered his family for fear of being identified after the crime, as well as because of certain secrets the late Sandra had on him.

According to him, Sandra had inadvertently witnessed the scene in which Vampire allegedly disappeared by magic when his estranged gang members stormed his house for their cut of one of their robbery operations.

Coupled with this was the fact that Sandra’s parents had rejected him from marrying their daughter because of his religion.

All I knew about him and the problem with Sandra was told by late Praise. The first time I saw him was when he came to my house with Sandra to visit her father, who was ill and under my care. Sandra was an optician at Madonna University.

We saw on that day and exchanged pleasantries. He became friends with my wife and her family, but things turned sour for him when the family rejected his proposal to marry Sandra. My in-laws had rejected him for his refusal to show Sandra his family members, coupled with the fact that he displayed an act the parents did not like, as well as the fact that he did not go to church , but worshipped Amadioah (an Igbo deity). It was because of that they told Sandra to dissociate from him.

“From that day, they quit the relationship and became just friends.

While they were dating Sandra was his secretary, he did not know how to read and write anything. Even, writing his name was a problem. So, when they quit the relationship, he called Sandra to bring all his documents to him in his house in Warri and she obliged, but it was dark for her to go back to her base in Port Harcourt.

“On that day Sandra waited for him from 4pm to 9pm until he returned home. When he returned she gave him the documents and he begged her to just put up with him for the night, she agreed because she didn’t know the terrain. He slept in the room while Sandra slept in the palour.

“At midnight, some men in army uniform stormed the compound and started to cut the burglary. From the window they told Sandra that they were looking for Vampire. It was there she started to call for help at the same time Vampire came out and joined her in the panic, but the guys had already found their way in.

 They asked him to give them their own share of their last loot. Sandra said while they were discussing, Vampire disappeared and they got angry that their charm didn’t hold him down. It was at that point that they told Sandra all about Vampire’s demons and secrets; Sandra told them that she was his sister. They told her many things that she later told my wife and some other family members. In the end, they beat Sandra and dragged her to the end of his street. She came home with bruises and could not put on even pants for a month.

Later when Vampire made up with the group, they told him that they had told Sandra, his sister, some secrets, which meant that she had to be silenced. When he told them that she was not his sister, he had no other choice than to liquidate her. Vampire then came to my home and tried to wipe out my family. He asked my child if she knew him, the baby answered, ‘yes!’ And he shot her and that was it,” Ozor narrated.

Ozor only had relief when Vampire was reportedly captured. His hope was that he would be killed by firing squad after his confession, but the relief was short-lived.

“When I heard about the escape it baffled me, because I was aware that he was being tried in the law court.

When I heard that he was on the loose I was surprised and fear returned in my family. I told them that the Vampire was not dead, because the children believed that after his arrest and confession that they must have executed him. We never believed that there would be a court trial for such person who has made such confession.

But, I thank God even in their decision to try him they saw what happened. I felt bad and it made me to think that if he had touched the children of the powers -that -be, he would not have the chance to be in the court, not to talk of escaping. There were fear and danger signs,” Ozor added.

But now, Ozor is a happy man and feels free to live like a normal citizen. He wants to go back to his printing and juice -making business, and possibly return the children to their former school.

“I am happy that the dreaded Vampire is dead. I feel fine and comfortable now. I really thank God for the efforts of the security agencies and every other Nigerian. In short, my surviving children and I feel great because he is dead. Now I feel free to look for what to eat and in search of good school for the children, fear of the unknown is gone, we can now relate with other people.

“The most important thing now is that I believe the spirit of my dead families can now rest in peace. While he was alive, I prayed for his death all the time. But now my late wife can rest in peace. You see, after the incident, my life changed; suffering began; my business collapsed, because I had to sell all my equipment to raise money for the hospital bills and I had to go into hiding to survive.

I could not do any business. I was into fruit juice and printing. Meanwhile, the children had to change their school, that was after staying at home for a year and some months. “But thank God that he is dead now, I can now go out and seek help and reconnect with my old clients and friends for help. I also ask Nigerians for support.

Because when Vampire was still alive, it was difficult to go out, you won’t know who he has put on the ground to feed him information. I need people to help me out, because of these children,” Ozor pleaded.

The poor man said throughout the period he did not have a home, he was sleeping in the hospital verandah to be with his children, because his house was locked by the police due to investigation.
The police, he said, provided accommodation for him.

Source :Sun

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