Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Nigeria's Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo on Wednesday withheld assent on National Lottery Amendment Bill passed by the National Assembly last year.

The Acting President in a letter read by Senate President, Bukola Saraki rejected the bill as a result of pending legal challenges on the competence of the National Assembly to legislate on the matter.

In a swift reaction and Point of Order, Senator Dino Melaye and sponsor of the bill quoted spuriously from the 1999 Constitution to drive home his claim that the Acting President and indeed the executive do not have the powers to reject bills passed by the National Assembly.

"The role of the executive is to carry out their traditional role by signing any bio passed by The National Assembly. ", he said.

Melaye said the action of the Acting President if allowed to stand portends grave danger to democracy in the country and undermine the powers of the parliament.

Senate President Bukola Saraki sues for caution.

He said the matter which bothers on the principle of separation of powers would be referred to the legal department .

Senator Thompson Sekibo however reminded the lawmakers that they have the power to override the Presideng (Acting President ) if they are not satisfied with his decision.

The Acting President also wrote to the National Assembly refusing to sign three other bills into law.
First is the Dangerous Drug Amendment Bills which was rejected as a result of certain words and phrases that may be inconsistent with the principle Act and the spirit behind the amendment.

Also rejected is the bill on Agriculture Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund following funding concerns and composition of the Board.
The acting President also denied assent on the Currency Conversion Bill

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