Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Senator Dino Melaye gives a 1991 Honda to his PA as gift for being a "hardworking employee".

He posted the picture on his Facebook wall .several Nigerians have reacted to the picture,accusing the Kogi State born Senator of insensitivity.

They believe the Senator could have done better than just giving a weather beaten car to a loyal staff when compared to his various State of the art cars that he has.

Meanwhile the loyal servant posted this on the gift.


*Busybodies and wailers should keep it up*

I have seen so many posts on blogs, and several private messages on the car gift presented to me by my boss and I just have to speak out at this moment to let the hired mourners to mind their business if they have any.
I appreciate the good gesture extended to me by my boss.

He has been so magnanimous and benevolent to the entire staff and the gift was just one of the benevolence enjoyed by the staff.

To the busybodies, the naij.com, Sahara reporters and the rest, who are interested in what other people say and do.

As busybodies, you can't help offering advice to friends, whether they want it or not. You are known for trying to help with situations in which you're not necessarily welcome or needed.

These busybodies are the kind of persons you just want to punch in the mouth for being so damb annoying. They have no life and way too much time on their hands.

They frequently use their excessive amount of time to annoy and monitor others, taddletale for small meaningless crap, butt into everybody's business except their own, and spy on people as if they think they are a cop or an important person or something.

You know busy bodies when you see them: they evesdrop, will report you for "child abuse" when you discipline your kids in the mall by giving them a small smack on the hand, they knock on your apartment door for "being too loud" when chopping vegetables on your counter for dinner.

Busy bodies are usually self-rightous hypocrites that are quick to point out the faults in others but get defensive when you point out theirs. A person who constantly gossips and talks bad about people and spreads rumors about them in order to cause problems and conflict.

Whatever your intentions are, you have failed. You are crying than the bereaved. The gift is mine and I appreciate it and know it would spur me to continue to discharge my duties as require, even than ever.

*To my boss, Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye, I say THANK YOU !*

Mr. Gideon Ayodele.. SDM Media Aide.

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