Monday, 6 February 2017


 The latest press release by the information managers of our dear President is unacceptable to me.It did not address the issue at stake .It makes  nonsense ,what some of us who have been defiant in supporting the President's continued absence from duty.

That the President has reached out to the National Assembly to extend his leave in order for him to receive his test result did not cut ice with us.It's the dumbest excuse we've ever read in recent time and we continue to wonder the caliber of Information managers at the disposal of our President.. 

In this ever evolving technological age,results of lab test takes less than minutes or hours to be obtained even with the most chronic diseases..

It's high time the Presidency comes out clean on the true state of health of our President.. He is human just like everyone of us.

He has the right to be sick,he is not god.Nigerians should not be shortchanged with information concerning their elected President. 

The presentation so far is not convincing. It leaves so much room for speculations and rumours. The latest Press release from the President's information managers without a specific date for his return armed his enemies with more bullets. 

As a matter of urgency,the President MUST be compelled to address the nation asap via whatever means..Anything short of that is no longer acceptable and defendable byus

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