Tuesday, 22 November 2016


The Ondo state government has condemned in strong terms, a statement  by a female member of the Channels Television panel on the debate for governorship candidates  in the state, to the effect that it denied the panel the use of the International Event Centre (The Dome)  as well as prevented the states radio and television stations permission to link up with it to air  the debate.

Describing the statement as malicious and calculated to smear the image of the government reputed to be one of the most tolerant and media friendly in the country, the government said such a statement could only have come from the pit of hell, using a biased heart as tool, to ventilate  deliberate lie against the government and designed to achieve  a devilish aim.

Putting a lie to the statement, the Government , in a statement  by the  Commissioner for Information, Mr Kayode Akinmade said there was no official communication between it and the  television station regarding  the use of the event centre for the purpose of holding a debate or for  other uses.

The government said there was  also no official communication between it and the television station to the effect that  the state broadcast stations be allowed to  link up for  the live coverage of the  said  debate.

Demanding that Channels Television  retract the statement, the government wondered what a reputable broadcast station like Channels intends to gain by spreading falsehood against the state government.    

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