Thursday, 24 November 2016


Few months back,just as I was about leaving home for the office ,I received a call from one of my professional colleague, an Editor with one of the National Newspapers (name withheld).. The voice sounded so worried ,her simple question was CKN, where are you?..,I want to see you urgently, I want you to follow me to go and see someone.. I told her am about to leave for the office, I have a very important meeting which I cannot afford to miss..She was still worried ,but she finally said,do you know Leo Mezie ?.

Who is Leo Mezie,I asked her..He is a popular actor she said,(I hardly watch Nigerian movies ,or even other movies for that matter ,with due respect).. I couldn't place the name,but I asked her what the problem was,she told ,the actor called him,he is seriously down with kidney related illness that needs immediate and urgent medical attention.. That she knew ,I am the right person that can help to push it.I felt bad.. I informed her I can't make the trip,but advised her on what to do..

Get there,find out the situation on ground,interview him,take one or two pictures ,get his bank details and send them to me me..In less than five hours ,she got back to me with all the information and I went to town with it..Some of you will remember when I posted those pictures ,it appeared her on this page First ..

Other bloggers and section of the media both electronic and print picked it up and it became a huge story..Heard so many people rallied round him ,donated generously and if the news I got from his younger brother's page is accurate, then all is well now..he posted some of these latest pictures saying that the guy is fully back on his feet

.I thank all of you that made this happen especially my beautiful sister that initiated the move..May God bless you all in Jesus name. I've not even met the guy neither have we spoken on phone..but am glad God has used all of us collectively once again to save a life.

Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Publisher of CKN News

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