Thursday, 17 November 2016


If there is one place i have always wanted to visit ,it is Arochukwu Ohafia in Abia State.It has always been a dream for me since my childhood as a young boy..I have heard so much about the place that my dream of Arochwukwu and Ohafia has been that of paradise in Igboland..It was called the little LONDON of Igboland.

You can then imagine my joy when few days back,while planning my visit to the East on a spot assessment of Gov Obiano and Ikpeazu's legacies,i received some photographs from my friend and younger brother Enyinnaya Appolos (The Chief Press Secretary to Abia State Governor) about the new Bende Arochukwu road being built by Ikpeazu through a forest.After my trip to Anambra (the report is still coming)..I headed to Umuahia.

My destination was Arochukwu and Ohafia.On arrival at my hotel ,late in the night of that day..I seeked the opinion of one the hotel attendants to direct me on how to get to Arochukwu.The guy looked at me curiously ,"Oga idi sure na ichoro iga Arochuwkwu,biko agakwala ebahu,uzo ha joro njo (Sir,are you sure you actually want to visit Arochukwu,please i ll advice you don't go there,the road is so terrible)..I was shocked,a whole Arochukwu of my dream..No way,nothing can discourage me,not after coming this far.I call to some other people in Abia yielded same result..CKN,Please don't go there,you ll regret your trip.

I decided to take a walk to Abia line very early the next day .On arrival at their park close to BANK ROAD Umuahia,the reality dawned on me that this may actually be true. (To Be Continued).
The only bus going to Arochukwu was half filled when i got there.I inquired from the conductor and he told me its N1000 .I asked him how come they're charging that much,he laughed and laughed,asking if this was my first trip to the place and i said Yes.He asked me not to worry,that on getting there,i ll know.It took another 55 minutes for the bus to get filled and we were on our way.

Gov Okezie Ikpeazu inspecting the reconstruction of the Bende Arochukwu Road
The journey from Umuahia to Bende was smooth,but hell was let loose bare 20 minutes into our journey.

The true reality of what laid ahead of us was laid bare.It became hellish,it was out of this world..I have been to many places in Nigeria.I have plied several roads,but nothing compared to what i saw.The road was a complete write off..Gullish,untarred,ditches and what have you.We passed through Ibom,Ohafia,including the famous Government College Ohafia,all through to Goodluck Jonathan Army Barrack,down to Obinkita until i got to Isinkpu.

The new Intervention by Ikpeazu's government
The Arochukwu Ohafia road was hell on earth.The passengers even told me i was lucky to have come during the dry season.The road at three different sections have been severed and was impassable..He had to detour to the bush.I continued to ask myself ,with all the personalities from this part of the country (and they are so many),how come their road is this bad.The Senatorial zone is represented by Senator Sam Ohabunwa..

I also learnt Orji Uzor kalu is also from that same zone.How within the 16 years of Orji Kalu and T A Orji ,none of them could do anything about the road?..But within a year of Okezie Ikpeazu,a serious intervention is already going on as seen in these pictures.But i can bet that with what i met on ground,even if Okezie Ikpeazu channels all the resources of Abia on that road,he cannot complete half of the job in four years.The situation is really really bad.I will commend the governor for what he has started,may God provide him with wisdom and resources to tackle this great task to a logical conclusion.

If my going to Arochukwu Ohafia was hellish ,my trip back (same day) was like visiting Armageddon.

I was really really disappointed by what i saw.My dream of Ohafia and Arochukwu ended up in smoke.It was nothing to write home about.What a pity,what a dream that never came through.Chief T A Orji and Orji Uzor Kalu and all the "big men" of Ohafia and Arochukwu should bury their head in shame,for disappointing their people...


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