Sunday, 30 October 2016


One judge and just one judge has done more to undermine electoral democracy in Nigeria than most people in recent times. He tried it with Abia State and was eventually disgraced. Now he is done it with ondo. Does he ever care about the supremacy of the will of the people ? How in the world will one judge so undermine the role of the opposition in sustaining democracy. Have we not seen that role in the UK, US & even in South Africa. Does that Judge know that without the opposition, no country can improve on its democracy. Think about Zimbabwe, North Korea etc. Is this where we want to be in 2016?

How can a judge give a judgment with respect to an action filed concerning 2019 elections and turn around to alter the subject matter on his own to include an election in 2016 which is not part of the subject matter of the suit? How can a judge make an order to bind parties not before him by ordering the substitution of one candidate for another when the two candidates were not before him and were never heard? How many of us would feel secured in this country to forfeit our properties by an other of court made in a suit to which we were not parties and were never heard? Is that bad.

Let us distinguish between partisan politics and a rapid decline into anarchy? For those who may be excited by this, I have bad news for them. The poles were indifferent when Hitler hit the Jews. So were the Czechs. Then Hitler came for both. There was no force left in that region to halt the persecution.

Political parties are free to endorse a candidate of their choice, using their parties' constitutional provisions to do so for any election when they agree on such. Where they decide to conduct primaries, it must be done in accordance with the law. The only primaries that should be allowed to stand is that that is monitored by INEC in line with item 15c of the third schedule to the 1999 constitution as amended. How can a group of people rent a room in Ibadan and conduct primaries for a governorship election in Ondo state.

 To make matters worse, INEC did not monitor it. Yet a judge in Abuja gives an order that INEC should accept the product of such a vexatious exercise and superimpose that manifestly irregular candidate on one that was duly and lawfully produced. A candidate who scored the majority of lawful votes in an INEC supervised event and whose name was duly published as a candidate until the Abuja judge in his trade mark ruling ordered the removal of that candidate's name without complying with the provisions of section 36 of the 1999 constitution which requires a person to be heard by a court or tribunal in the determination of that person's civil rights and obligations.

Let us speak out now. Tomorrow may be too late. Enough of these rubbish. No one owns Nigeria. It was almagamated in 1914. Perhaps no NIGERIAN born then is alive today. Why do some people appropriate a sovereign state as if it is their farmland? Is it because we have sentenced the majority of our country men and women to prolonged poverty & ignorance and they have no means of resisting the major throwbacks they suffer daily? Whatever it is, enough is enough.

Dr. West-Idahosa.

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