Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Our attention has been drawn to a complete false and defamatory story against our client, Mrs. Roseline Chinyere Chukuma, widow of the late famous broadcaster, Chaz B, written by a blogger
The story has since gone viral on the internet with unimaginable number of readers passing negative and derogatory remarks about the person of our client.

We are constrained to inform the public that the said story is malicious, false, unethical of media practice and disparaging to the personality and integrity of Mrs. Chukuma.

Hence we have decided to seek redress in the court of law and to make such infamous unethical practices unattractive by making the originator of the story face commensurate legal consequences of her action. This, we believe will serve as deterrent to other blackmailers in the media space in Nigeria.

The story has alleged a romantic affair between our client and a fast-rising Nollywood star, Daniel Kanayo Daniel, aka DKD, in a very derogatory manner. It also insinuates a simmering rancour between our client and her in-laws over the estate of her late husband. The highlights of the story include:

• That she was in Ghana with DKD during Valentine
• That DKD’s mother kicked against the relationship
• That her brother threatened to harm DKD for coming to their house
• That she is 14 years older than DKD
• That her daughter, Monalisa, was sighted in a picture on DKD’s Facebook fan page
* That both of them had been sighted in public places

We can confirm to the public that all these happened only in the imagination and dream world of the author as both Mrs. Chukuma and DKD had NEVER met at anytime or anywhere. The author of the story will meet us in court to lay bare her proofs very soon.

Festus Afeiyodion
Deputy Head, 
Festus Keyamo Chambers

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