Monday, 10 June 2013

Unity School Cut Off Mark..Zamfara 2..Anambra 139 (See Full List)

The recent cut off marks released for entrance into Nigeria Unity Schools is raising dust across the country. Northern states are allotted very low cut-off marks for entrance into Federal Unity Colleges, while those in the South are allotted higher cut-off marks by the  Federal Ministry of Education’s documents
In the recently published cut off marks, a State like Zamfara State has as little as two (ohh yes 2 points) as cut off points while Anambra has 139 as cut off points.

Students who score above the cut-off are automatically eligible for admission on merit.

The Education ministry advised parents to check the results of their wards which have been posted on notice board of all Unity Colleges throughout the Federation.

These are the full cut off points into Nigeria Unity Schools as published by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Abia – Male(130) Female(130)
Adamawa – Male(62) Female(62)
Akwa-Ibom – Male(123) Female(123)
Anambra – Male(139) Female(139)
Bauchi – Male(35) Female(35)
Bayelsa – Male(72) Female(72)
Benue – Male(111) Female(111)
Borno – Male(45) Female(45)
Cross-Rivers – Male(97) Female(97)
Delta – Male(131) Female(131)
Ebonyi – Male(112) Female(112)
Edo – Male(127) Female(127)
Ekiti – Male(119) Female(119)
Enugu – Male(134) Female(134)
Gombe – Male(58) Female(58)
Imo – Male(138) Female(138)
Jigawa – Male(44) Female(44)
Kaduna – Male(91) Female (91)
Kano – Male(67) Female(67)
Kastina – Male(60) Female(60)
Kebbi – Male(9) Female(20)
Kogi – Male(119) Female(119)
Kwara – Male(123) Female(123)
Lagos – Male(133) Female(133)
Nassarawa – Male(58) Female(58)
Niger – Male(93) Female(93)
Ogun – Male(131) Female(131)
Ondo – Male(126) Female(126)
Osun – Male(127) Female(127)
Oyo – Male(127) Female(127)
Plateau – Male(97) Female(97)
Rivers – Male(118) Female(118)
Sokoto – Male(9) Female(13)
Taraba – Male(3) Female(11)
Yobe – Male(2) Female(27)
Zamfara – Male(4) Female(2)
FCT Abuja – Male(90) Female(90)

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  1. Dis is partialty in highest order,dir shld not be need for exams in d north can anambra cut off be 139 n north 2 points.d r not encouraging easterners to go 2 school especially anambrians dat needs it.A child in Anambra dat has 100_138 is denied admission.Dis is injustice.D funds wasted on dis northen state shld be invested in d east to encourage dose dat r willing 2 read

  2. I am so proud of my State, Anambra is blessed with intelects both young and old

  3. Na wai o! Discrimination is d oda of day.

  4. Even if there is no point allocated to unity schools in d north, they will not make use of the opportunity because they believe in a deschooling Society. If u want to knw more ask BH sponsors.The truth is dat their so called leaders do not want others to be educated so as not to see the truth and be able to compete with them and their family.

  5. It is pointless allocating point to them,the ministry should not waste their time and Govt resources.Most northern Parents are satisfied with their kids going about street- hawking and/or with plates in their hands begging.How then will their so called mallams feed? Don't blame their parents, at least they've tried by bringing them to the world in numbers.The next thing is to load them like cattle in traillers and send them to south for menial jobs like mairuwa and okada.

  6. Na wa. We are too complacent in this country. Now my children are making efforts to study hard and pass their exams, and another Child would not care, yet they get admission on a platter of gold and mine is left at home.What is democratic about that? where is the fairness? this is height of injustice. in this Animal farm, some animals are more equal than the others, by virtue of their State of Origin. I weep for Nigeria.

  7. What does this teach us in Nigeria and its educational stadard? Anambra and Imo States has the highest cut-off mark. Is it a sin to desire to go to school? It is true that Imo State came top on the number of students who sat for this year's JAMB but it is not proper that there is inequality in the cut-off. I feel that the cut-off should be the same and those who are qualified should be admitted in all the unity schools? What standard do you expect from these states with a low cut-off. What does it say about Nigeria?

  8. Am begining to doubt the standard of education of this so called untiy schools. It is a sin to come from other parts of the country yet we are so called one Nigeria.tell me what is one in this nation called Nigeria.

  9. Wao interesting indeed