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Edo Sex Scandal Gets Dirtier As Gov Adams Oshiomole Purported Sex Picture Comes Online

Written By CKN NIGERIA on Sunday, 6 May 2012 | 8:46 pm

The show of shame going on in Edo State has taken a turn for the worse as a picture purportedly posted as that of the Governor of theState Adams Oshiomole made its debut online..This is coming on the heels of a similar picture said to be that of Chairman of the PDP in Edo state hit the networks during the week..The story said the chairman was involved in a sex romp with a whore whom he refused to pay for her services..While taking a nap after the sex romp,the lady took his naked picture and circulated it..But today,a picture said to be that of the comrade governor has been making the rounds on social networks like blackberry,twitter and facebook..The ladies loving governor was said to have been secretly snapped while being given a blow job in his office..It is yet to be seen how the Edo government will react to this,although most experts said the picture is a photoshop..It is yet to be determined why the people of Edo have decided to degenerate themselves to this level ..Everything points to the coming governorship election in the state..It will be recalled that Adams has accused the PDP of not only causing the accident that nearly claimed his life last week but also the assassination of one of his aides too.Its yet to be seen how this macabre dance of disgrace and shame will suddenly play out..CKN

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  1. i'm a vfx artist this is not real, the composition is wrong, Venue dont even look like an office, some cheap guest home in african i guess. shame on u poor graphics artist ur scandal might not work sorry

  2. A very bad Photoshop. Its a pity that this chicken-hearted attempt is all they have in response to the earlier version we have seen on the PDP Chairman. The gaps are rather very obvious even for a little kid.

  3. Adobe! adobe! art thou now a tool in the hands of the evil ones

    Adobe! Adobe why hath thou become the mother the mother of a thousand confusion

  4. Big big photoshop. even an amature knows its photoshop. Besides someone getting a blow job will never have dat face.

  5. Pdp dirty,how come his awake n watch someone snap him . Pdp look for another alternative.

  6. It is so glaring that it's a lie. His head looks detached from the body and the colour texture is different.

    The graphics artist should try his father's head on the body, nothing there is real.

    Haba, must we joke with people's status? The brain behind this is no doubt BRAINLESS.


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