Saturday, 28 April 2012

Another Girl Caught Giving Boyfriend Blow Job in Public

 Most people have asked us severally why we have decided to expose all these ills.Our simple answer is that while our leaders have killed us with corruption and looting of our collective resources with nothing we can do about it..Our youths have decided to also decided to start killing their moral rights and if not checked mated.In ten years time,our society will be the worst for it..We can only but try to expose some of these immoral vices and decandence that is tearing the Nigerian society apart as  deterrant..Our young men and women are performing immoral acts with pure inpunity with no regard for morals and santity to themselves and entire family as captured in this picture where a lady is seen giving his man a blow job in the full glare..From the picture ,its obvious someone else was asked to take the pictures for effect..GOD help Nigeria..CKN

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  1. Where do we go from here?

  2. Rapture is by the corner. When you see things like this! Know for sure the end is near

  3. Don Coyote5/6/12 4:59 pm

    Sensational as it is, however i fail to see how that affects the price of garri in the market. We all know this occurs regularly and its between consenting adults whether they are alone,or in a group. Thing is the publisher and readers of this article both men and women ahve indulged in this activity but come out here and put up a holier than thou attitude and make comments as if the yare saints. People get a life, view the pics for what they are entertainment and move on!!!! Mscheeeeeeeew!!!!!

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